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Harvest of Hope Outreach

Posted by Josh Jubinsky on March 17, 2010

Big crowds at Harvest of Hope!

We had a table at the Harvest of Hope Festival this year on Friday, March 12th and Saturday, March 13th.   So if you are still wondering why about half of the 10,000 or so people at the event had those ‘I Love My Public Library’ sticker, now you know – it was us.

Our table at Harvest of Hope.

But chances are you visited our table and got a sticker for yourself.  We were giving away the first poster in our series (of the band Black Kids) and spotlighting essential information and upcoming events within the our library system.  We were amazed at how many people already knew about the zine collection and use it frequently.  We’re glad we got to meet some of those veteran library patrons and turn on what it is we do to some new people as well.  

We got to meet lots of other organizations – some of which were places and people that published zines we already had in our collection!  It was great getting to know people from Civic Media Center, Gainesville’s Books to Prisoners, Music Saves Lives, Zendik Farms, Student Farmworker Alliance,  Dream Activist, Farmworker Alliance, The Fine Print, The Beehive Collective, Free Radio Gainesville and Zombie Bikes.  Here’s a few of us enjoying the latest cyclical exploits of the Zombie Bike crew.


And here are some more photo highlights from the weekend.

Our new friends at the Beehive Collective, talking about their art.

We were excited to see Sam Jones's 'Cassette' band play. Especially after she had just played at our library!

The funnel cake was huge.

Zombie Bikers Joe and Gary. They'll be teaching a class to kids at the Main Library on bike safety April 10th.

We did a photoshoot with the band Defiance Ohio for our next poster in the series!

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