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New Zines for April

Posted by Andrew Coulon on April 25, 2014

Brilliant mistake. Vol. 2

Cheer the eff up. Vol. 1

Cutlass. Vol. 4

Endless escalators. Vol. 2

Endless escalators. Vol. 4

Fight boredom with feminism! Vol. 3

Grey fetish. Vol. 9

Judas goat quarterly. Vol. 58 : fly over country


The Madison review. Vol. 33.2

My aim is true. Vol. 1

Realia. Vol. 2 : childhood

Rollerderby. Vol. 4

The shortest day

Telegram ma’am. Vol. 18 : your pretty face is going straight

Toronto zine library resource issue

With an E. Vol. 2 : vegan dining in Walt Disney World

Your pretty face is going straight to hell. Vol. 10

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New Zines for January 2014

Posted by Andrew Coulon on January 30, 2014

Men with whom I share the same height. Vol. 3

Riot grrrl problems & other feminist clichés.

Alien invasion. Vol. 2

Living cooperatively in international community.

Hoax. Vol. 3 : feminism and health.

Duped. Vol. 1 : the new age.

Judas goat quarterly. Vol. 45

Chronicles of an 8th grade mallgoth. Vol. 1

Now yer cooking.

Pulse zine. Vol. 8

Late era clash. Vol. 22

If nothing else the sky.

Booty. Vol. 22

Translate. Vol. 22

Broken pencil. Vol. 49

Tiger girl.

Obsesser. Vol. 2

Is your washroom breeding Bolsheviks?

How to survive heartbreak: a manual.

Skill shot. Vol. 2 : Seattle’s pinball zine.

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New Zines for July

Posted by Andrew Coulon on July 18, 2013

Flyways. Vol. 2

Qlix. Vol. 3

Metal & meat. : within the Chicago underground

Kingfisher. Vol. 8

Fever pitch. Vol. 7

Ganges. Vol. 1

Johnny America. Vol. 6

Cassadaga, Florida. : yesterday and today

Ganges. Vol. 3

Ganges. Vol. 2

Mole. Vol. 9

Grrr! zine. Vol. 7.5 & 8.0

Booty. Vol. 16

Room 112 : students respond to the Rodney King verdict

Fluke. Vol. 10

Kissoff. Vol. 6

Fantastic fanzine. Vol. 7

Spared. Vol. 1

Bad breath comics. Vol. 3

Planting seeds. Vol. 2

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New Zines for June 2013

Posted by Andrew Coulon on June 20, 2013


America? Vol. 6

Beekeeper. Vol. 3

Not trying hard enough : renderings of coffee stains

Contrascience. Vol. 3

Amateur hour. Vol. 1

Rejkt communication

All your friends are here. Vol. 1

Drift. Vol. 3 : a magazine of west coast cultural production

The muse, the news, & the noose. : endless escalators

My day aimlessly wandering Vancouver, Washington. Vol. 10

Rusty, roaming, and ruthless. Vol. 1

An alphabetic compenium of demons and evil ghosts

Rue st. vincent. Vol. 4

The quarter centarian. Vol. 1

Immortal soul. Vol. 1

Freeze up : a journey to find the heat

Immortal soul. Vol. 2

Feedback. Vol. 7 : video tonfa

Rue st. vincent. Vol. 2

Blackthorn. Vol. 4

Slug and lettuce. Vol. 75

Interbang. Vol. 6

Movement magazine. Vol. 10.2

Heartattack. Vol. 4

Profane Existence. Vol. 52-53

Manhole. Vol. 2

Mole. Vol. 2

Outlet. Vol. 2 : monkey bar. Vol. 1

Movement magazine. Vol. 4.8

Side b. : the music lover’s comic anthology

Leaviathan : some notes on Martin “Blimp” Levy

BAT. Vol. 3

Explosion proof. Vol. 2

The minus times. Vol. 29

The future belongs to ghosts. Vol. 6

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Zines for April 2013

Posted by Andrew Coulon on April 10, 2013

The la-la theory. Vol. 6 : always alreadymmr319
Clutch. Vol. 22 : invincible summer. Vol. 19
Doris. Vol. 22
The full tilt. Vol. 1
Full tilt. Vol. 2
Heartattack. Vol. 41
HeartattaCk. Vol. 50
Impact Press. Vol. 17
Kidney room fanzine. Vol. 4
Maximum rock n roll. Vol. 319
Maximum rock n roll. Vol. 325
No answers. Vol. 10.25
Ride on. Vol. 4
Scam. Vol. 4
Slingshot. Vol. 99
Slug and lettuce. Vol. 82
Slug and lettuce. Vol. 69
Slug and lettuce. Vol. 87
Slug and lettuce. Vol. 74
You idiot. Vol. 1

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Zines for March 2013

Posted by Andrew Coulon on March 17, 2013

Amazing women. Vol. 2
Black & white. Vol. 1
Bloodshot zine. Vol.3
Crossing rivers into twilight. Vol. 1 : samhain 2006
Derelict. Vol. 1.1
The entertainment industry. Vol. 2
Funsaver magazine. Vol. 1
Heartattack. Vol. 40
It’s not a tumor
Laterborn. Vol. 4
Live, death, love & “all of the above.”
Maximum rock n roll. Vol. 202
Maximum rock n roll. Vol. 203
Maximum rock n roll. Vol. 235
Maximum rock n roll. Vol. 246
Maximum rock n roll. Vol. 247
Maximum rock n roll. Vol. 257
Maximum rock n roll. Vol. 285
Maximum rock n roll. Vol. 320
Maximum rock n roll. Vol. 321
Maximum rock n roll. Vol. 323
Maximum rock n roll. Vol. 326
Movement magazine. Vol. 20.1
Nine gallons. Vol. 2
904 pinball zine. Vol. 4
One misstep and the illusion folds in on itself
Rue st. vincent. Vol. 3
Shit from nowhere. Vol. 6
So I went and ripped the whole damn thing right off
2012 Girls Rock Jacksonville volunteer handbook
The violence

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Thank you!!!!

Posted by Andrew Coulon on November 21, 2011

The Zine Committee would like to thank everyone that came out to the 2011 Zine Symposium on Saturday. We had a great crowd for the panel discussion and keynote featuring musician, activist and zine author Kathleen Hanna.

We’d like to give a special round of applause to our panelists Shelton Hull, Adee Roberson, Mark Creegan, Travis Fristoe, Kathleen Hanna and moderator Duncan Barlow.  Their insights into the creative process and personal experiences were very inspiring.

A special thank you goes out to Kathleen Hanna and her team.  We are glad she was able to visit Jacksonville Public Library and we appreciate her willingness to share her experiences and how zines have shaped her activism and career as a musician. It was an excellent and challenging presentation.

Thank you goes out to Clay Doran (Squid Dust) for the wonderful posters.  Will there be a second printing?  Only he will know for sure.

We’d like to thank everyone that worked on the event and contributed to making it a success, without whom the event could not have happened.  Thanks to everyone who spread the word and posted info on blogs, Facebook and Twitter about the event. That was a great help.  An especially big thank you goes to out the Community Relations and Marketing team, Adult Programming and the Conference center staff.  Thanks for everything!

If you would like to seem more programs like this one, send us your feedback or better yet, checkout some zines from the collection.  The library relies on community support and one of the best things you can do is checkout books, CDs, zines, DVDs and other materials in the library.  Patron usage and feedback helps us determine future goals for collection development and programming, so please use the library and enjoy what it has to offer.

JPL has some items available for checkout by the above panelists:

Shelton Hull – Section 8 zine | Ink 19

Travis Fristoe – America? zine and other writings

Kathleen Hanna – Le Tigre albums | Bikini Kill: The Singles

We hope to have video of the event available soon!!

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UPDATE: New Zine Symposium Artwork by Squid Dust

Posted by Andrew Coulon on November 17, 2011

**UPDATE: We will be raffling prints of this poster tomorrow at the event but supplies are extremely limited.  Show up early to get your ticket.  Big thanks to Clay Doran / Squid Dust for designing and making the prints.  We will give away a few later today so check back on this blog or like us on FB to keep up to date.

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Kathleen Hanna on Zines

Posted by Andrew Coulon on November 8, 2011



For more information on the Zine Symposium featuring Kathleen Hanna, click here.

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Darth Vader Reads Everything Dies v.6 by Box Brown

Posted by Andrew Coulon on November 4, 2011

We set up a table at Art Walk last week and Darth Vader came by to check out the Zine Collection.  It was probably the title that caught his eye, but we think he really enjoyed Everything Dies v.6 by Box Brown.

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