The Zine Collection

…at Jacksonville’s Main Library



The Jacksonville Public Library has a zine collection – one of the first housed in a public library in the Southeast!

What is a zine?

Zines are self-published pamphlets of all sizes and shapes, often covering subjects overlooked in larger scale publications.  Currently, the collection consists of about 1000 items. We are constantly cataloging new zines and look forward to adding hundreds of new titles in the following months.

What is our mission?

The mission of the Jacksonville Public Library Zine Collection is to circulate and preserve alternative media resources that inspire readers to re-examine and learn from alternative and under-served voices that represent our community. We hope that by offering unique and inspiring materials, library users will gain a broader appreciation for their community and library and feel empowered to contribute their own self-published zines to the collection.

What types of materials will be part of the collection?

As a service to our community, the JPL Zine Collection will focus on regionally based zines in an effort to better reflect the voices in our community and region.  The scope of the collection will be broad including the arts, music, comics, politics, gender issues and advocacy.

Where is the collection held and how can I check them out?

The collection is housed in the Popular department on the first floor of the Main Library and is fully searchable on JAXCAT.  Materials in the zine collection can be placed on hold and transferred to other libraries within Jacksonville.  As with all library materials, users will need a library card to check out items but all are welcome to come in and use the collection within the Main Library.

To learn more about donating zines to the collection, see our donations page.

Collection Development Policy

Selection of materials to be added to the collection will be done by the Zine Committee using the Library’s broader Collection Development Policy as a benchmark. Selection will be made by committee from available donations and through vendor catalogs and reviews. Criteria for selection will include literary merit, artistic merit, subject specialty, scarcity of material on the subject, quality, format, and local and regional authorship. As the collection grows, we will solicit and receive user feedback and circulation statistics.  This information will be helpful in making future selections and weeding items from the collections.  Efforts will be made to replace zines that have been heavily used and worn.

Questions? Concerns? Contact us at JPLZine (at) coj (dot) net


7 Responses to “About”

  1. Lisa said

    Hi, I was wondering where this is located. I’ve been doing some Internet research on where all the zines went. It seems that these days it’s just not so
    something that you see alot of. I’m really interested in reading some or even creating my own. If someone could please email me or respond to this comment that would be great! I’d love to come check this out but I’m a little confused on where you are!


  2. Joel said


    I was wondering if you offer workshops for area teens on zine construction.

    • Josh Jubinsky said


      Currently, no. We don’t have any staff on the zine committee working in teen areas. The only program we currently offer related to zine creation is the Zine Machine program. They meet every Tuesday at 4pm in the the Main Libraries Children’s Department. The class is for ages 8-13.

      Workshops for older kids is something we’re hoping to get into soon. Perhaps after the school year begins?

      Thanks for the inquiry!

  3. george said

    where is a good place to print a magazine in jacksonville?

  4. […] B: Tell us a little bit about the Zine Collection at the Jacksonville Library. […]

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