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Judas Goat Quarterly Vol. 45 by Grant Schreiber

Posted by Andrew Coulon on November 8, 2010

Judas Goat Quarterly #45During Spring 2010, Grant Schreiber was under-unemployed when he heard Uncle Sam’s siren call for US Census workers so he signed up.  As a crew leader, his mission was to lead a team assigned to count every person living in a small area on the northside of Chicago. Luckily for Judas Goat Quarterly readers, Schreiber decided to write down his experiences and share some of the wisdom he picked up on the job. His tales of training, organizing and learning to text make for terrific reading and you’ll cringe along with Schreiber as he tries to whip a group of people into a lean, mean head-counting machine in less than a week. After all counting every man, woman and child in the United States isn’t for the weak of heart, as Schreiber loves to point out. In his own words, Schreiber “served” and he expresses a certain amount of pride in a job done as well as some frustration with the inner workings of the Federal Government. So there you have it, a first hand account of the 2010 Census, and if that’s not enough, check out the book review of R. Crumb’s Genesis. That is another good book you can check out from the library.


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Assassin and the Whiner Vol. 15 by Carrie McNinch

Posted by Andrew Coulon on August 26, 2010

Carrie McNinch is a zine and mini-comic veteran of the first order.  As the editor of Food Geek and an early innovator of diary mini-comics, she has gained a following by allowing readers into her personal life, sharing her experiences as a lesbian cartoonist whose anxiety and disconnectedness have led her into depression and alcohol abuse.  Assassin and the Whiner Vol. 15 is one of the most compelling mini-comics I’ve read to date.  For a diary comic, McNinch has taken great care in drafting daily entries, something that sometimes gets brushed over in other daily comics.  You get the sense that McNinch is deadly serious when she discusses her comics as type of therapy.  By reflecting on the serious and mundane together, you begin to see that McNinch’s hang ups aren’t at all strange or alien but intensely personal; you probably know someone who suffers from similar issues, if you yourself don’t.  Assassin and the Whiner is a great human story reflecting on personal struggle, loneliness and the little victories that keep us all sane.

Keep an eye out for other mini-comics by McNinch in the Zine Collection or check out Food Geek.

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