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November Zine Release

Posted by Matthew Moyer on November 12, 2010

As the weather gets colder, there’s never been a better time to curl up under a blanket and read a pile of zines! Your library’s Zine Collection is more than happy to oblige with a cornucopia on new titles. See you at Conmoto tomorrow!

100 Years of Modern Iran.
Big Hands v.8About My Disappearance. Vol. 1
Big Hands. Vol. 8
Blue Yodel No. 8mm.
Complexification Strategor: A Ten Foot Rule Supplement
Criminally Yours.
Dames on Frames. Vol. 4: A Feminist Bike Zine
Feel Happiness. Vol. 3
Figure 8. Vol. 4
Figure 8. Vol. 5
Graffilthy. Vol. 2
Guitar Basics.
How It Starts and Who Starts It.
How To Make Soap Without Burning Your Face Off.
Kilter. Vol. 6: The Journal of
Kissoff. Vol. 8
Little Frother. Vol. 1
Milkyboots. Vol. 3
Miranda. Vol. 19My Brain Hurts Collection 2
My Brain Hurts Collection. Vol. 2
New York City: Photographs From the Empire.
Nova Feedback. Vol. 7
Nova Feedback. Vol. 8
Papercutter. Vol. 12
Plastic Knife. Vol. 3
Please Release.
Puffy White Clouds.
Pyromania. Vol. 5
Shortandqueer. Vol. 4
Smile Hon, You’re In Baltimore. Vol. 6
Somnambulist. Vol. 15
The 27 Steps: Book One.
The Detective Stories.Papercutter v.12
The East Village Inky. Vol. 39: The Tenth Anniversary.
The Juniper. Vol. 11: A Smallerslowersimpler Life.
The Match. Vol. 108: A Journal of Ethical Anarchism.
The Perfect Mix Tape Segue. Vol. 5: Sickness and Health
The Winter 2009 Unlympic Games: Official Program and Rules.
Time Enough At Last: A Reading Log 2007.
Treatment Bound: A Ten Foot Rule “On The Road” Special.
Watch the Closing Doors. Vol. 38
When You Can’t Stand Yourself, Walk Outside: Ten Foot Rule Journal Comix Spring 2007.


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New Zines For October

Posted by Matthew Moyer on October 16, 2010

Autumn is here and we’ve got a flood of incredible zine-y reading material coming your way. We’re sure that you’ll enjoy these new titles! We’re especially excited to have an issue of the incomparable Galactic Zoo Dossier in our Collection – a hand-drawn, hand-lettered compendium of psychedelic and freak-folk weirdness.

Abolish Restaurants: A Worker’s Critique Of The Food Service Industry
After Life
Always Comix: The Evil Issue
As Boredom Sets In. Vol. 3
Asterism. Vol. 6: The Journal Of Science Fiction, Fantasy And Space Music
Cramhole! Vol. 1
Don’t Have A Cow. Vol. 5
Dwelling Portably Collection. Vol. 1
Erosion. Vol. 2
Erosion. Vol. 3
Erosion. Vol. 4
The Fury. Vol. 18
Galactic Zoo Dossier. Vol. 8
Graffiti Blasters. Vol. 3
The Iconoclast. Vol. 82
Just Like A Gemini Too
Lost positives
The Match! Vol. 107: A Journal Of Ethical Anarchism
Mishap. Vol. 27: Special Book Issue
Mystery Box Magazine. Vol. 1
No idea. Vol. 9: Low Tech Issue
No Idea. Vol. 10
No Idea. Vol. 11
Nostalgia Digest. Vol. 31.3
On Lives: Subway Supplement
Original Gangsta. Vol. 3: That Is Wack!
Phase 7. Vol. 12: Barcode
Publick Occurances. Vol. 11
Publick Occurances. Vol. 12
Public Phenomena: Internal Modifications Of Shared Spaces
Rocktober Comics and News. Vol. 47
Rosarie Dawson Loves Me. Vol. 3
Rustbelt. Vol. 2
Screen Craps
Seizure salad
Shoes. Vol. 7 : East Vancouver interviews
Slice Harvester Quarterly. Vol. 1: Uptown
Smile Hon, You’re In Baltimore. Vol. 6
Supreme Publication. Vol. 14
Temporary Conversations: The Dicks
Temporary Conversations: Tim Kerr
Thoughtworm. Vol. 4
Trading Punches With Devil Girl : Poetry And Interviews
Trevor Wayne Pop-Art Show
Wrestling then and now. Vol. 155
Wrestling Then and Now. Vol. 156

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