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Gearhead v.6 & Speed Kills v.6

Posted by Andrew Coulon on October 20, 2010

This week, we’ve got not one, but two Zines of the Week and they different than anything else we’ve offered up before. Behold: Hot Rod Zines! These aren’t your common muscle car mags, these are two mid-nineties gems of muscle-car lovin’ punk-rock culture. You can expect lots of hot rods, rockabilly artwork and attitude.

First, Gearhead Vol. 6 puts Southern car culture on display with a terrific article on the roots of figure 8 car racing, a road trip tour for classic car lovers and a visit to Graceland. Also, check out a cool interview with ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons and lots of zine and album reviews.

Speed Kills Vol. 6 leans more heavily on the music side of the equation; band features include the Beastie Boys, Superchunk and Neu, plus tons of album reviews. Also, there are a decent number of zine reviews and a whole lot of cars. But the single most interesting thing in Speed Kills is a short transcript from a motivational speech Evel Knievel gave to some people… I don’t really know who, but that’s not the point. Evel Knievel really wants to motivate YOU. He thinks you should do the things you love to do (within reason of course, but this is the most famous stuntman of all time, so reason is relative) and take responsibility for your own destiny. Evel Knievel had a natural DIY mentality and that, friends, is what the Zine Collection is all about…

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