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Galactic Zoo Dossier. Vol. 8

Posted by Matthew Moyer on November 19, 2010

Galactic Zoo Dossier Vol. 8
By Plastic Crimewave

This is quite possibly one of the best zines that I have ever laid eyes on. Plastic Crimewave (aka Steve Krakow) is a bona fide renaissance man: dj, musician, record label head (Galactic Zoo Disk), concert promoter (the Million Tongues Festival), and cartoonist (Secret History of Chicago Rock), but the focus of his activity is this labor of love publication, Galactic Zoo Dossier. The Dossier is a hand-drawn compendium of all things psychedelic, spacey, and noisy.

Reading this zine is like rifling through the record and comic book collection of a cool older brother/sister. This particular issue features articles on Vashti Bunyan, MV & EE, Brian Wilson, Yahowa 13, Guru Guru, the 4 Tops, Kim Fowley, and Hoyt Axton, among a legion of others. The Dossier’s layout and design walks that fine line between inspired and a mess. Using Krakow’s illustrations instead of stock band photos is a genius idea, and having the issue hand-lettered gives it a much more urgent, passionate vibe. Besides the interviews, the issue is packed with reviews, short histories of cult bands, and collages of old 60s comics that were rife with counterculture references. And, say, if Krakow wants a pinup of Peter Cushing in there, well then, by god, there’s Peter Cushing circa Hammer Films glory on the last page. Also included is a cd brimming over with obscure psych nuggets. Completely worthwhile.


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Assassin and the Whiner Vol. 15 by Carrie McNinch

Posted by Andrew Coulon on August 26, 2010

Carrie McNinch is a zine and mini-comic veteran of the first order.  As the editor of Food Geek and an early innovator of diary mini-comics, she has gained a following by allowing readers into her personal life, sharing her experiences as a lesbian cartoonist whose anxiety and disconnectedness have led her into depression and alcohol abuse.  Assassin and the Whiner Vol. 15 is one of the most compelling mini-comics I’ve read to date.  For a diary comic, McNinch has taken great care in drafting daily entries, something that sometimes gets brushed over in other daily comics.  You get the sense that McNinch is deadly serious when she discusses her comics as type of therapy.  By reflecting on the serious and mundane together, you begin to see that McNinch’s hang ups aren’t at all strange or alien but intensely personal; you probably know someone who suffers from similar issues, if you yourself don’t.  Assassin and the Whiner is a great human story reflecting on personal struggle, loneliness and the little victories that keep us all sane.

Keep an eye out for other mini-comics by McNinch in the Zine Collection or check out Food Geek.

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Comic Zines

Posted by Andrew Coulon on October 17, 2009

I prefer to read words accompanied by pictures and so I naturally gravitate you ain't no dancer v.3toward the comic zines in the Zine Collection.  Of all the comic zines I have read, I recommend that you check out You Ain’t No Dancer Vol. 3.  This solid anthology has bunches of comics from 30 creators.   As in past volumes of YAND, there’s more than a few creepy comics, funny comics and weird comics to wet your appetite and (fortunately) there are no super-hero comics.  Well, there may be one super-villain comic, but I’ll let you figure out which one that is.  Overall, the artwork and writing are great but a few stand out.  Jason Turner’s romantic “The Day of the Builders” is one of the best in this anthology.  You can also see his work in the True Love series right here in our own Zine Collection.  Another bright spot is “War of the Acorns” by Lars Brown.  I love the image of the woman with the acorn in her teeth.  That image alone makes this book worth checking out.

Also check out issues of Phase 7 and Papercutter for more comic zine goodness.

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