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Maximum Rock AND Roll!

Posted by Josh Jubinsky on October 9, 2009

So the zine collection is officially open, you checked it out. You thought Burn Collector was neat, and liked that cute zine with drawings about coffee. You think “and that’s that” – right? No way!

mrrIn the past two days we added over 20 more issues of Maximum Rock N Roll, and the new issue of Give Me Back!  Let me tell you about them a little bit.

Maximum Rock N Roll is a monthly not-for-profit fanzine based in San Francisco, USA. Each issue features interviews, columns, and reviews from international contributors. As far as punk music, the publication has wide ranging coverage and is a stable of ideological influence within the punk community for over two decades.

With over 20 issues on our shelves, I’m not going over each one. Some highlights though, indeed. They are really loaded with great stuff to say the least.  Lots of great reviews of records, zines, books, movies.  They have a news section that typically focuses on leftist topics and activism news.  Most of them have scene reports such as; #284 Syracuse, NY and San Diego, California, #314 Toronto, #315 London, #292 Poland, #289 Timisoara, Romania and Copenhagen, Denmark, #225 Belarus and the Philippines.  Some have special topics – such as #310 is mostly about health, as well as a listing of the year end top tens.  Issue #308 is mostly about punks and film.

On the whole, Felix Havoc has an excellent column. Our shared background of record label and music distribution may be one reason I like it so much, especially since he discuses that often – how it changes through styles, economics and whatnot.

As far as some awesome band interviews go… No Hope for the Kids and Dropdead get interviewed well in #254.  Dropdead is fast thrash punk has been around since 1991. The lyrics typically have a hardline vegan and animal rights stance.  I’ve been a longtime fan, but when my band played with them at Richmond, Virginia’s Best Friends Day Festival it really sealed the deal!  Issue #225 has a good interview with Martin from Los Crudos about his label Lengua Armada.

Issue #284 has a really nice piece on the twenty year history of 254 Gilman Street Project.  It’s a community space and show space owned and operated by punks.  Issue #314 has a thorough history of Italian squats.

givemebackThe new issue of Give Me Back is full to the brim with goodies!  First of all, Florida is represented TWICE on the cover – an interview with Gainesville’s band Dead Friends and an interview with local Jacksonville artist Sean Mahan. It also features great columns and some interviews with Pygmy Lush, Kimya Dawson and Next Victim. And over 20 pages of record, zine and book reviews!

Something for everyone is these zines! Don’t be intimidated or feel weird about how you may not know the bands. If you like punk music / community / culture – this is your free ticket to more if it!


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Grand Opening and Collection Developments

Posted by Josh Jubinsky on September 21, 2009

The Event.

So this is it – and we’re very excited.  Over 150 zines are added and ready for the opening, with more added daily.  So by the time this happens, who knows how many we’ll have ready.   This event is in the Main Library’s Popular department.  Tuffy plays music, you get to watch them and browse the zines.  Pick out some you already love or something new to you, and check it on your library card.

Collection Developments.

I just got back from a few out of town shows with my band.  While away, I was able to pick up some more zines for the collection.   Shopping for your local library while on tour? What a sense of purpose!  Thank you Wayward Council in Gainesville for having a great selection to choose from, and whomever put out the ‘free zines’ box at the Tampa show.

mrr313Also, thank you very much to Maximum Rock n Roll.  They are donating to us nearly every back issue they have.   Have a look at the Maximum Rock n Roll website’s listing of available back issues here and start planning which one’s you’ll read first – The issue with MDC or Vitamin X tour diary?  Interviews with Florida’s Cult Ritual or Fiya? Interviews with Los Crudos or Soophie Nun Squad?  Information about Romanian D-beat or a Mexico punk scene report?

In the next week I’ll be posting a few more words on some of my more favorite titles.

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Things are going amazingly!

Posted by Josh Jubinsky on August 11, 2009

The Collection

We’ve received our Microcosm order – over 45 pounds of zines!  It differs a little from our last post, as some items were out of stock, etc – but has plenty of other goodies to make up for it.

See what zines we’ve already cataloged
1. Go to
2. On the top of the page under ‘search the catalog’ type “zines” and hit go!

As of this post, sixty zines are already cataloged.

How You May Have Heard of Us

Recently the Jaxscene blog caught me on tape talking about the zine library.  You can check that out here.

Upcoming Events

The Zine Collection celebrates it’s grand opening October 7th at the Main Library.  This will be during the October Art Walk.  More information on this event soon.

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New Zine Order

Posted by Josh Jubinsky on July 7, 2009

So we’ve been hitting up donations pretty hard  – and a complete catalog will be posted online soon.   But for those of you for whom excitement hits like so much late night coffee, here’s a list of our most recent order.   Soon to be available for checkout at your favorite Jacksonville  downtown library.

13 Years of Good Luck
ABC NO RIO: Artifice
Adventures in Menstruating #1
Adventures in Menstruating #2
Adventures in Menstruating #3
Am I Mad, Or Has the Whole World Gone Crazy????: achieving mind
freedom in the age of empire
Archvision #1
As Soon As You’re Born You’re Made to Feel Small
Ask First!
The Assassin and The Whiner #8
Avow #18
Big Hands #3
Big Hands #4
Big Hands #5.5 + Tape!!!
Big Hands #7
biodieselSMARTER #9
Black Cloud #2
Blurt #2: Picking Scabs
Blurt! #4 / Gullible #27
Blurt #6
Broken Hipster #1
Broken Hipster #2
Broken Hipster #3
Broken Pencil #43
Carbusters #36
CARtoons Book
Chainbreaker book
Che: A Graphic Biography
Commune in Chiapas: Mexico and the Zapatista Revolution
Constant Rider Omnibus: Stories From the Public Transportation Front
Cracks in the Concrete #9
Cracks in the Concrete #10
Cracks in the Concrete #11
Cramhole #2
Cramhole #3
Dames on Frames #1
Dames on Frames #2
Dames on Frames #3
Doris Book: an anthology 1991-2001
Duplex Planet #173
Duplex Planet #175
Duplex Planet #180
Duplex Planet #182
Duplex Planet #184
Dwelling Portably Collection #3
Dwelling Portably Collection #4
Dwelling Portably 2000-2008
Ecodefense Zine: A Field Guide to Monkeywrenching
Educational Tourist
Email is Meaner: User Dynamics on Email Lists: Problems and Solutions
Emergency #3
Emergency #5
Feedback #1
Feedback #2
Feedback #3
Feedback #4
Firewood #1
The Flow Chronicles
Galatea’s Pants #20
Galatea’s Pants #21
Gentrification Reader
Ghostpine #6
Giant Steps #3
Girl / Boy #2
Girl / Boy #4
Green Zine #14
Greenwoman #1
Greenwoman #2
Greenwoman #3
Griot #6/Pudd’nhead #5
Gutterslug #1
Hack This Zine #5
Harm Reduction Guide to Coming Off Psychiatric Drugs
The Heart Star
Herbal First Aid Zine
Home Composting Made Easy
Identity Crisis: Punk Subculture and Community
Jan’s Atomic Heart
Journalsong #6
Keep Loving, Keep Fighting #7/I Hate This Part of Texas #7
King Cat #62
King Cat #63
King Cat #64
King Cat #65
King Cat #68
King Cat #69
Kissoff #9
Ladders and Hips: An Open Letter to the Boys in My Life
Let It Be Known #3: Experiences of Institutionalized Women
List #11
Looking & Other Stories
Mad Love
Make Something Book
Making Stuff and Doing Things Book
Mayorga #44: Lamont Stories
Milkyboots #6
Molly the Popsicle zine
Mostly True: The Story of Bozo Texino
The Ms. Films DIY Guide to Film and Video
My Big Black Book of Ghosts
My Brain Hurts #2
My Brain Hurts #3
My Brain Hurts #4
My Heart Beats Only For You…and a few dozen other people
My Mother Wears Combat Boots
Mylxine #17
Natural Disasters #1
Navigating the Space Between Brilliance & Madness #1
New Orleans… my love
The New Wave of Cut and Paste #5
Nightly Zine #1: The House Warming Issue
9 1/2 Left #9
Not Your Mother’s Meatloaf: A Sex Education Comic Book
Off the Map Book
On Subbing: The First Four Years
Paper Birds: Styrofoam Flowers
Papercutter #7
Papercutter #8
Papercutter #9
Papercutter #10
Paping #10
Phase 7 #13
Phase 7 #14
Profane Existence #50/51
Pound The Pavement #9
Punk Zine
Pyromania #3
Pyromania #4
Rad Dad #11
Rad Dad #13
Radical Pet #4
Radical South Zine
Ration #5
Re:Productive #1
Resistance Behind Bars: The Struggles of Incarcerated Women
Revolutionaries zine
Rigor Mortis #1
Scam #5 1/2: Epicenter of Crime: The Hunt’s Donuts Story
Scam #6
Scrabble Freaks
The Secret Files of Captain Sissy #4
Shelter: A Squatumentary
Show Me The Money #09
Show Me The Money #10
Show Me The Money #11
Show Me the Money #26
Show Me the Money #27
Sick: A Compilation Zine on Physical Illness
Sidewalk Bump Zine
Sing for Your Supper: A DIY Guide to Playing Music, Writing Songs, and
Booking your own gigs
Smiling Disease: A Guide to Public Stickering
Snakepit 2007
Snakepit 2008
Strange Voyage of the Leona Joyce Zine
Sugar Needle #33: Imaginary Candy
Survival Without Rent zine
Tales of a Punk Rock Nothing
Temp Slave Book, Best of
Ten Thousand Things To Do #2
Ten Thousand Things To Do #3
The F-Word #3: A Feminist Handbook for Revolution
The Night of Your Life
Things are Meaning Less
Trailer Trash #19
Transition: Phase 7 #10 and #11
True Loves #1
True Loves #2
Uncle Enos Magazine #2
Urban Hermitt #22
Valet of the Dolls
Wave Project #5: Signals
What a Whopper: The True Story of Slavery in North America’s Fast Food Industry
What God Has Revealed to Man
What the Ladies Have to Say
Whoosh!: The Zine for Whale Lovers
Worn #5
Worn #6
Xtra Tuf #5.5: Stories and Songs by Moe Bowstern
You Ain’t No Dancer Vol. 1
You Ain’t No Dancer Vol. 3
You. book
Zine Libs #2

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