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New Zines for June

Posted by Andrew Coulon on June 11, 2010

We will be at the Riverside Arts Market on Saturday, June 12, from 10 am to 3 pm.  Stop by and say hi, sign up for a library card, check out some music CDs and a bunc of the newest zines:

AC Dickson’s guide to Ebay powersellingAll The Days are Numbered So zine
All the days are numbered so*
Attic vs basement : fiction vs nonfiction
Been meaning to keep a journal
Beer powered bicycle. Vol. 5
Burn Collector. Vol. 11
Chicago stories
Couch tag. Vol. 1
Datacide. Vol. 1
Dear motorist… : the social ideology of the motorcar
(em) zine. Vol. 15
Erosion. Vol. 5Chicago Stories by Aaron Cometbus
Fine Print. Vol. 2.4
Forced Exposure. Vol. 18
Gegory Zobel’s Mental Health Advisory. Vol. 2
Greenwoman. Vol. 6
I $ you
Impact press. Vol. 57
Ker-bloom! Vol. 51
Kissoff. Vol. 10
Maximum rock n roll. Vol. 174
Maximum rock n roll. Vol. 179
Maximum rock n roll. Vol. 190
Maximum rock n roll. Vol. 192
Maximum rock n roll. Vol. 196
Maximum rock n roll. Vol. 238
Maximum rock n roll. Vol. 239
Maximum rock n roll. Vol. 240
Maximum rock n roll. Vol. 241
Maximum rock n roll. Vol. 243
Maximum rock n roll. Vol. 244
Maximum rock n roll. Vol. 251
Maximum rock n roll. Vol. 255
Maximum rock n roll. Vol. 264
Maximum rock n roll. Vol. 286
Movement magazine. Vol. 10.1
Mr. stubbles. Vol. 13
ND. Vol. 18
Portland bicycle culture primer. Vol. 2Root Vol. by Sarah Evans
Potluck: A Cooking Compilation
Psionic plastic joy. Vol. 13
Root v.1
Root v.3
Second best zine ever!
Slingshot. Vol. 101
The juniper. Vol. 12 : small living
The spaz. Vol. 4
There are worms in my oatmeal!!
Touched by an anvil. Vol. 16
Truckstop magazine. Vol. 19
Try, Try Again
Xtra tuf. Vol. 5.5

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New Zines for May

Posted by Andrew Coulon on May 17, 2010

Okay, we’ve been saying it for weeks now but finally, here is a list of the new zines for May.  Read em and weep….

  • 12 items or less : a grocery shopping zine
  • 9 and a half left. Vol. 9
  • Absolutely Zippo ! Anthology
  • Adjective Stories
  • Are You Really Reading the Sun?
  • Beer powered bicycle. Vol. 7
  • Blurt! Vol. 4 / Gullible Vol. 27 split
  • Brains. Vol. 1
  • Burn collector. Vol. 12
  • Chickenhed zine and roll. Vol. 5
  • Cometbus Vol. 39
  • Cometbus Vol. 45
  • Cometbus Vol. 46
  • Cometbus Vol. 47
  • Cometbus Vol. 48
  • Cometbus Vol. 49
  • Con queso. Vol. 3
  • DIY: A how to guide for publishing a high school zine
  • Engineering and mass marketing of an individual identity
  • Environmental imp pack. Vol. 1
  • Environmental imp pack. Vol. 2
  • E.C.F.U. Vol. 7
  • Exile Osaka Vol. 2
  • Factsheet 5. Vol. 64
  • Feel happiness. Vol. 1
  • Feel happiness. Vol. 2
  • Fifth Estate Vol. 379
  • Forty Four Presidents
  • Ghetto Garden : d.i.y. country trash livin’
  • Greenwoman Vol. 4
  • Greenwoman Vol. 5
  • Haggard and Halloo. Vol. 26
  • Herbal first aid
  • Human waste. Vol. 1
  • Human waste. Vol. 2
  • Human waste. Vol. 3
  • Human waste. Vol. 5
  • Irrartional Fears
  • Junket. Vol. 1 : taxi stories part one
  • King-Cat Vol. 70
  • Laundry basket : a tales of washday woe
  • Living proof. Vol. 2
  • Loserdom. Vol. 17
  • Mathew Courtney’s Wide Open Caberet : ABC no rio, 1985 – 1990
  • Maximum rock n roll. Vol. 195
  • Maximum rock n roll. Vol. 197
  • Maximum rock n roll. Vol. 206
  • Maximum rock n roll. Vol. 271
  • Maximum rock n roll. Vol. 281
  • Maximum rock n roll. Vol. 282
  • Mixed Reviews
  • Movement magazine. Vol. 9.3
  • Movement magazine. Vol. 10.2
  • Movement magazine. Vol. 11.6
  • Movement magazine. Vol. 12.4
  • Movement magazine. Vol. 17.1
  • Moving Forward: Program for a Participatory Economy
  • Navigating the Space Between Brilliance and Madness
  • Not Necessarily the News Vol. 2
  • Not Necessarily the News Vol. 2.5
  • Outpunk Vol. 7
  • Painted Gash Mythos
  • Punk Zine
  • Quest Among the Bewildered
  • Razorcake. Vol. 55
  • Reggae Chicken
  • Rise and fall of the harbor area. Vol. 14
  • Rocks and blows. Vol. 1
  • Rocks and blows. Vol. 2
  • Rocks and blows. Vol. 3
  • Running 21. Vol. 1
  • salt and slush : winter recipes nova scotia
  • Scenery. Vol. 13
  • Separatorium
  • Seven Inches To Freedom Vol. 1
  • Seven Inches To Freedom Vol. 2
  • Seven Inches To Freedom Vol. 3
  • Seven Inches To Freedom Vol. 4
  • Shotgun seamstress. Vol. 1
  • Shotgun seamstress. Vol. 2
  • Shotgun seamstress. Vol. 3
  • Shotgun seamstress. Vol. 4
  • Solid gould. Vol. 1
  • Songs Unsung Vol. 4
  • Sounds of your name
  • Spin-spin : a beginners guide to spinning yarn
  • Spokes of Hazard. Vol. 2
  • Truckstop magazine. Vol. 2
  • Truckstop magazine. Vol. 6
  • Truckstop magazine. Vol. 7
  • Truckstop magazine. Vol. 8
  • True grit. Vol. 2
  • Worn Fashion Journal Vol. 5
  • Xeens and things Vol. 21
  • You. Anthology
  • Your Day Will Come Vol.  4 / Mix-Tapers Do It Better spit
  • Zendik Vol. 63
  • Zine Machine Vol. 1

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New Zines for April 2010

Posted by Matthew Moyer on April 10, 2010

Okay, we realize that this is a somewhat paltry zine release for this month. We apologize. We’ve been busy spreading the good word about zines at the Riverside Arts Market, hosting Tough Junkie at the Library, and giving a presentation at this year’s Florida Library Association Conference. But now all that’s finished, and we’re back to concentrating on the important stuff – getting zines in your hands. Enjoy these for now (there are some real treasures), and next month we’ll drown you in new zines. Promise!

Away With All Cars
Big Hands Vol. 5 – The Chumbawumba Issue (with cassette!)
Cambia Social. Vol. 1
Drinking Sweat In The Ash Age
Get Lost – A Travel Zine
The HPV Zine
Maximum Rock N Roll. Vol. 236
Maximum Rock N Roll. Vol. 266
Maximum Rock N Roll. Vol. 270
Maximum Rock N Roll. Vol. 276
Maximum Rock N Roll. Vol. 277
Maximum Rock N Roll. Vol. 283
Maximum Rock N Roll. Vol. 287
Maximum Rock N Roll. Vol. 288
Maximum Rock N Roll. Vol. 290
Maximum Rock N Roll. Vol. 300
Maximum Rock N Roll. Vol. 301
Maximum Rock N Roll. Vol. 302
Maximum Rock N Roll. Vol. 313
Maximum Rock N Roll. Vol. 316
Megabeef. Vol. 3
Razorcake. Vol. 54
Scenery. Vol. 14 – Fire As A Metaphor
Smiling Disease: A Guide to Public Snickering
This Is Our Cousin Zine
Where You From?

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New Zines For March 2010

Posted by Matthew Moyer on March 22, 2010

Argh! Between Much Ado About Books, our appearances at Harvest of Hope, Riverside Arts Market, and a looming presentation at this year’s Florida Library Association Conference (“Zines, Records and Rock n’ Roll: Alternative Media in Libraries”), we’ve been a little slow in getting new zines to you this month! Our apologies, and please enjoy these new titles. More to come, promise….

A La Maison (with cd)
America? v.13
America? v.14
America? v.15
Archivision v.1 / Now Let’s Put on a Show v.6
As Soon as You’re Born They Make You Feel Small
Broken Pencil v.43
The Hum v.2
Jaxzine v.1
Maximum Rock and Roll v.279
Maximum Rock and Roll v.317
Momentum v.32
Oh Shoot
On Subbing: The First Four Years
Profane Existence v.50-51
Show Me the Money! v.26
Show Me the Money! v.27
Slingshot v.100
Stories Care Forgot: An Anthology of New Orleans Zines
Zine Libs v.2

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Zine Release Party @ February Art Walk

Posted by Andrew Coulon on January 30, 2010

As promised, we will have a big batch of zines ready for check out at February Art Walk.  But there’s more….

We will have special guests!

Travis Fristoe (of ‘America?’ Zine, and bands such as Moonraker, Reactionary 3) discusses his America zine and the DIY publishing world at large.

And come hear the music of…

Samantha Jones (of the bands Cassette, Bitchin, Slang, Rumbleseat etc) and Chelsea C (1/2 of the duet know as Dirty Fist)

5:30-7:00at the Main Library right by the zine collection! You know, first floor by the DVDs!

Check out this older post for an interview with Travis Fristoe.

Here is the list of new goodies:

  1. Abort Vol. 20
  2. 904 Skate Magazine Photo Issue: Summer 2006
  3. Abort Vol. 21
  4. ABC No Rio: Enter the Nineties
  5. Adventures in Menstruation Vol. 1
  6. Adventures in Menstruation Vol. 2
  7. Adventures in Menstruation Vol. 3
  8. A’ La Maison w/ mix CD
  9. Anarchism: An Introduction
  10. The Black Cloud Vol. 2
  11. Blast Asteroid and the Space Patrol
  12. Blast Asteroid Returns
  13. Boy~Girl Vol. 2
  14. Carbusters: Nov. 2008 – Feb. 2009
  15. The CIA Makes Science Fiction Unexciting Vol. 5
  16. Dwelling Portably v. 3
  17. Dwelling Portably v. 4
  18. The F-Word Vol. 3
  19. Elephant Mess Vol. 21
  20. Emergency Vol. 5
  21. Even Noisy Sparrows Vol. 4
  22. Feedback Vol. 4
  23. Frost Vol. 0
  24. Greenwoman Vol. 2
  25. Griot Vol. 6
  26. Grooves: Experimental Electronic Music Magazine
  27. The Hum Vol. 1/ Alley-Oop! Vol. 9
  28. Human Waste Vol. 4
  29. Human Waste Vol. 6
  30. Jesse Reklaw’s Ten Thousand Things To Do
  31. The Juniper Vol. 5
  32. The Juniper Vol. 6
  33. The Juniper Vol. 9
  34. The Juniper Vol. 11
  35. Make Something
  36. Maximum Rock and Roll Vol. Vol. 242
  37. Maximum Rock and Roll Vol. Vol. 265
  38. Maximum Rock and Roll Vol. Vol. 267
  39. Maximum Rock and Roll Vol. Vol. 268
  40. Maximum Rock and Roll Vol. Vol. 272
  41. Maximum Rock and Roll Vol. Vol. 273
  42. Maximum Rock and Roll Vol. Vol. 274
  43. Maximum Rock and Roll Vol. Vol. 275
  44. Maximum Rock and Roll Vol. Vol. 278
  45. Maximum Rock and Roll Vol. Vol. 318
  46. Momentum Vol. 32
  47. New Orleans… My Love
  48. The New Wave of Cut and Paste Vol. 6
  49. The Night of Your Life
  50. Notes from the Underground: Zines and the Politics of Alternative Culture
  51. Our Lives Vol. 1
  52. Our Lives Vol. 2
  53. Paper Bird: Styrofoam Flowers
  54. Paping v.10
  55. Privilege and Solidarity
  56. Razorcake Vol. 33
  57. Razorcake Vol. 43
  58. Razorcake Vol. 44
  59. Razorcake Vol. 45
  60. Reciprocity Vol. 2
  61. Regeneration Vol. 6
  62. Seven Inches to Freedom Vol. 5
  63. Sick: a compilation on physical illness
  64. The Silk Screen Zine
  65. Slug & Lettuce Vol. 78
  66. Slug & Lettuce Vol. 89
  67. The Strange Voyage of the Leona Joyce
  68. Telegram Ma’am Vol. 8
  69. Uncle Eno’s Magazine
  70. The Wave Project Vol. 5

So many… can’t… catalog… another…

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New Zines for January 2010

Posted by Andrew Coulon on January 9, 2010

Here is a list of the new zines we have cataloged for January.  Keep sending in any donations you have and we will keep cataloging them for th general public’s reading pleasure.  We have a special event comig up on January 30th so check in for details on that as they develop.  Also we be at Warehouse 8B this Saturday to promote the collection.  Come out to hear The Body, Nuclear 2 and Civilization and pick up a library card application while you’re at it.

Alley-Oop! Summer 2005
Broken Hipster: the Epilogue
Cracks in the Concrete v.9
Cracks in the Concrete v.10
Elephant Mess v.17
Feedback v.3
Going Postal v.1
The Hum v.3 / Alley-Oop v.10
Late Era Clash v.20
Let It Be Know v.3
Next Stop Adventure v.3
Off-Line v.40
Razorcake v.13
Razorcake v.31
Razorcake v.47
Razorcake v.48
Razorcake v.50
Razorcake v.51
Razorcake v.52
Razorcake v.53
A Rough Guide to Bicycle Maintenance
The Sixth Minkey’s Guide to Herbs
The Sixth Minkey’s Guide to Random Movies!!
The Sixth Minkey’s Guide to Vampires!!
The Sixth Minkey’s Guide to Zombies
Stick Shift
Strike the Inertia
The Urban Hermit v.22
Valet of the Dolls

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New Zines for December 2009

Posted by Andrew Coulon on December 8, 2009

As promised, we have new zines available for your reading pleasure.  For those of you counting, this is indeed the third month we have added to the collection and we anticipate an even bigger bunch for January.  Check back for more details later in December.  For now, why not kick back with some new issues of the self-published persuasion?  Of special interest are Molly the Popsicle, Scrabble Freaks, Elephant Mess and Today Terrific.

December 2009 Zine release

  1. CoffeeElephant Mess by Dan Murphy
  2. Cracks in the Concrete #11
  3. E.C.F.U. #6
  4. Elephant Mess #18
  5. Elephant Mess #19
  6. Elephant Mess #20
  7. Elephant Mess #21
  8. Elephant Mess #22
  9. Elephant Mess #23
  10. Elephant Mess #24
  11. Elephant Mess #25
  12. Molly the Popsicle
  13. Salt and Light #2
  14. Scrabble Freaks
  15. Slingshot #75
  16. Slingshot #76
  17. Slingshot #81
  18. Slingshot #85
  19. Slingshot #86
  20. Slingshot #87
  21. Slingshot #88
  22. Slingshot #89
  23. Slingshot #90
  24. Slingshot #91
  25. Slingshot #92
  26. Slingshot #93
  27. Slingshot #94
  28. Slingshot #95
  29. Slingshot #96
  30. Slingshot #97
  31. Slingshot #98
  32. A Strange DayA Strange Day
  33. Today Terrific #2
  34. Today Terrific #3
  35. Today Terrific #4
  36. Today Terrific #5
  37. Today Terrific #6
  38. Today Terrific #7
  39. Trailer Trash #19

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November Zine Release

Posted by Andrew Coulon on November 9, 2009

Here is a list of the newest items to be added to the Zine Collection. You may recognize a few titles as we have other issues in the system already but there are several new series on this list as well. Search JAXCat for more details on these or other zines.

We expect to release new zines on a regular basis so remember to stop back here for updates, reviews and announcements about the Jacksonville Public Library Zine Collection.

13 Years of Goodluck
Assassin and the Whiner v.15
Atmospheres by ehype
Big Hands v. 2
Biodiesel Smarter v.9
Blurt! v.6
Burn Collector v.10
The CIA Makes Science Fiction Unexciting v.4
Clamor Communique v.28
Duplex Planet v.175
Feedback v.1
Feedback v.2
Food Geek v.1
Food Geek v.2
Food Geek v.3
Food Geek v.4
Food Geek v.5
Gentrification Reader
Give Me Back v. 4
Greenzine v.14
The Heart Star
Heartattack v.39
Heartattack v.42
Heartattack v.43
I am a Camera v.1
I am a Camera v.2
I am a Camera v.3
I am a Camera v.7
I am a Camera v.9
Journal Song v.6
List v.11
Mayorga v.44
Mindless Mutant v.3
Natural Disaster v.1
Off the Map
Razorcake v.44
Razorcake v.49
Resist v.46
Socratic v.1
Rad Dad v.11
What a Whopper
Witches, Midwives and Nurses

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Comic Zines

Posted by Andrew Coulon on October 17, 2009

I prefer to read words accompanied by pictures and so I naturally gravitate you ain't no dancer v.3toward the comic zines in the Zine Collection.  Of all the comic zines I have read, I recommend that you check out You Ain’t No Dancer Vol. 3.  This solid anthology has bunches of comics from 30 creators.   As in past volumes of YAND, there’s more than a few creepy comics, funny comics and weird comics to wet your appetite and (fortunately) there are no super-hero comics.  Well, there may be one super-villain comic, but I’ll let you figure out which one that is.  Overall, the artwork and writing are great but a few stand out.  Jason Turner’s romantic “The Day of the Builders” is one of the best in this anthology.  You can also see his work in the True Love series right here in our own Zine Collection.  Another bright spot is “War of the Acorns” by Lars Brown.  I love the image of the woman with the acorn in her teeth.  That image alone makes this book worth checking out.

Also check out issues of Phase 7 and Papercutter for more comic zine goodness.

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Maximum Rock AND Roll!

Posted by Josh Jubinsky on October 9, 2009

So the zine collection is officially open, you checked it out. You thought Burn Collector was neat, and liked that cute zine with drawings about coffee. You think “and that’s that” – right? No way!

mrrIn the past two days we added over 20 more issues of Maximum Rock N Roll, and the new issue of Give Me Back!  Let me tell you about them a little bit.

Maximum Rock N Roll is a monthly not-for-profit fanzine based in San Francisco, USA. Each issue features interviews, columns, and reviews from international contributors. As far as punk music, the publication has wide ranging coverage and is a stable of ideological influence within the punk community for over two decades.

With over 20 issues on our shelves, I’m not going over each one. Some highlights though, indeed. They are really loaded with great stuff to say the least.  Lots of great reviews of records, zines, books, movies.  They have a news section that typically focuses on leftist topics and activism news.  Most of them have scene reports such as; #284 Syracuse, NY and San Diego, California, #314 Toronto, #315 London, #292 Poland, #289 Timisoara, Romania and Copenhagen, Denmark, #225 Belarus and the Philippines.  Some have special topics – such as #310 is mostly about health, as well as a listing of the year end top tens.  Issue #308 is mostly about punks and film.

On the whole, Felix Havoc has an excellent column. Our shared background of record label and music distribution may be one reason I like it so much, especially since he discuses that often – how it changes through styles, economics and whatnot.

As far as some awesome band interviews go… No Hope for the Kids and Dropdead get interviewed well in #254.  Dropdead is fast thrash punk has been around since 1991. The lyrics typically have a hardline vegan and animal rights stance.  I’ve been a longtime fan, but when my band played with them at Richmond, Virginia’s Best Friends Day Festival it really sealed the deal!  Issue #225 has a good interview with Martin from Los Crudos about his label Lengua Armada.

Issue #284 has a really nice piece on the twenty year history of 254 Gilman Street Project.  It’s a community space and show space owned and operated by punks.  Issue #314 has a thorough history of Italian squats.

givemebackThe new issue of Give Me Back is full to the brim with goodies!  First of all, Florida is represented TWICE on the cover – an interview with Gainesville’s band Dead Friends and an interview with local Jacksonville artist Sean Mahan. It also features great columns and some interviews with Pygmy Lush, Kimya Dawson and Next Victim. And over 20 pages of record, zine and book reviews!

Something for everyone is these zines! Don’t be intimidated or feel weird about how you may not know the bands. If you like punk music / community / culture – this is your free ticket to more if it!

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