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New Zines For March

Posted by Matthew Moyer on March 31, 2011

Here are the newest zines in the JPL Zine Collection.  Check a bunch out, get inspired and write your own!

American spectarian. :  zodiac v.3
Spontaneous lunchbox combustion
Josh Sullivan Comics! Vol. 10
Ink nineteen :  June 1996
Ink nineteen :  July 1996
Ink nineteen :  August 1996
Girls a go go : the ye ye issue
The East Village inky. Vol. 38
The frugal vegan’s spring and summer survival guide
Caboose. Vol. 1
What I did on my summer vacation
Milkyboots. Vol. 4
Somnambulist. Vol. 8
Bipedal, by pedal! Vol. 2 : confidential Mad Libs
Smile hon, you’re in Baltimore. Vol. 11
The book bindery
The East Village inky. Vol. 40
Middle school
Make/shift. Vol. 8
Functionally ill. Vol. 5 : adventures with mental health
Scam. Vol. 7
Cometbus. Vol. 36
Duplex planet. Vol. 181
Duplex planet. Vol. 186
The iconoclast. Vol. 85
Girls are not chicks coloring book
Mishap. Vol. 26
This is what concerns me presents : remainders
Ink nineteen : May 1996
Worn. Vol. 7 : fashion journal
Better looking than a blog. a collection. : ten foot rule journal comix
A day in Rennes-le-Chateau
Strap yourself in. Vol. 8
Samantha Dorsett tribute zine
Smile hon, you’re in Baltimore. Vol. 9
The black cloud. Vol. 3
Zine name
These yams Are delicious


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New Zines for February 2011

Posted by Matthew Moyer on February 28, 2011

Let’s try our best to shake off the winter blues with some new and inspiring reading material, courtesy of your Zine Collection. We’ve got a REALLY mixed bag of items this time around. Look closely, you might find some VERY pleasant surprises in there.

Al Burian Goes to Hell.
America Go Fly a Kite.
Bejeezus. Vol. 10
Blood Moon Rising. Vol. 18
Brainscan. Vol. 20: Irreconcilable Differences
Caboose. Vol. 5: The Improvement Issue
Caboose. Vol. 6: The Health and Recreation Issue
Croq. Vol. 5
Doom Emotiiion.
Duplex Planet. Vol. 179
Funwater Awesome. Vol. 3
The Gay Utopia.
Gendrfailz. Vol. 1: The First Appointment
Greenblooded: An Introduction to Eco-Friendly Feminine Hygiene.
Helios Eye: Hey Hey Hey.
Humanbeing Lawnmower. Vol. 1
Ink Nineteen: December 1995
Ink Nineteen: January 1996
Ink Nineteen: February 1996
Ink Nineteen: March 1996
Ink Nineteen: April 1996
Inside Front. Vol. 12
Jaded Hipsters Dig Whiskey Sours: Short Stories by the Urban Hermitt.
Lissajou: Tsy Misy.
Maximum Rock n Roll. Vol. 204
Mishap. Vol. 28
Movement Magazine. Vol. 18.1
The National Science Fair of Amazing New Discoveries.
Papercutter. Vol. 11
Phase 7. Vol. 7
Rad Dad. Vol. 17
Razorcake. Vol. 57
Razorcake. Vol. 58
Skin deep: A Smile Hon, You’re in Baltimore! Production.
Smile Hon, You’re in Baltimore. Vol. 13
Syndicate Product. Vol. 12
Tenacious. Vol. 16: Art and Writings From Women in Prison
Tough Junkie: Grab What You Can.
You Know What They Say.
Zisk. Vol. 15

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Posted by Josh Jubinsky on February 10, 2011

Call me biased, but librarians are awesome – whether it’s a public library or university.   I ran into my friend Mr. Ross Martin at a show in Deleon Springs last week.  He works as a librarian at Seminole State College.   Apparently he was jumping the gun on some spring cleaning, and low and behold he had a giant plastic tub of zines to donation to our collection.   It was amazing.

His donation has a lot of older punk zines in it that will really help fill out our collection.  A lot of them are specific to Florida as well.  Thanks so much again Ross!

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December Zine Release

Posted by Matthew Moyer on December 22, 2010

Ho! Ho! Ho! The Jacksonville Public Library must have been very good this year, because a whole bunch of new zines just arrived, festively wrapped in old issues of Sassy and Rolling Stone. If you need a break from the holidays, or want to curl up with a good read under a warm blanket, a handful of zines are the perfect solution. Enjoy!

The Amish ElfJudas Goat Quarterly #45
Atlas Of Childhood. Vol. 1: A Zine About Children’s Books
The Beach Boys
Burn Brandon. Vol. 14
The Bushwick Review. Vol. 1
Caboose. Vol. 3: The Modular Karaoke Issue
The Constant Rider. Vol. 7: Stories From The Public Transportation Front
Crap Hound. Vol. 4: Clowns, Devils, and Bait
D90. Vol. 3: A Mix-Tape Zine
The Drama: The Alphabet Issue
Duplex Planet. Vol. 178
The East Village Inky. Vol. 43
Funwater Awesome. Vol. 3
Genuine Rocket Pack
George Washington In His Last Illness: The Complete Shakespeare Q. HemingwayLong Walk Back to Myself
Go Metric. Vol. 22
I Dreamed I Was Assertive. Vol. 12
Judas Goat Quarterly. Vol. 45: Everyone Must Be Counted!
Ker-Bloom! Vol. 83: Rhinovirus Challenge
Kiss Machine. Vol. 8
Kitty Snacks. Vol. 1: A Literary Magazine
The Long Walk Back to Myself
Lower East Side librarian : Winter Solstice Shout Out 2009
Maximum Rock N Roll. Vol. 180
My Brain Hurts Collection. Vol. 1
Papercutter. Vol. 6
Peops. Vol. 5
Phase 7. Vol. 5: Basewood Chapter 1My Brain Hurts Vol. 1
Phase 7. Vol. 6: Basewood Chapter 2
Razorcake. Vol. 4
Reality Mom. Vol. 5.2
Sidewalk. Vol. 4: New Orleans, March 2006
Syndicate Product. Vol. 15: Coming Clean!
The Tragic Genius of Dan Gleason
Travelin’ Man. Vol. 3
The Wormwood press. Vol. 2
Ya Want Freedom Fries with that?: Shappy’s All-American Rants
You Don’t Get There From Here. Vol. 14
You Who Hear Tell The Others: An Anti-Civ Travel Story

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November Zine Release

Posted by Matthew Moyer on November 12, 2010

As the weather gets colder, there’s never been a better time to curl up under a blanket and read a pile of zines! Your library’s Zine Collection is more than happy to oblige with a cornucopia on new titles. See you at Conmoto tomorrow!

100 Years of Modern Iran.
Big Hands v.8About My Disappearance. Vol. 1
Big Hands. Vol. 8
Blue Yodel No. 8mm.
Complexification Strategor: A Ten Foot Rule Supplement
Criminally Yours.
Dames on Frames. Vol. 4: A Feminist Bike Zine
Feel Happiness. Vol. 3
Figure 8. Vol. 4
Figure 8. Vol. 5
Graffilthy. Vol. 2
Guitar Basics.
How It Starts and Who Starts It.
How To Make Soap Without Burning Your Face Off.
Kilter. Vol. 6: The Journal of
Kissoff. Vol. 8
Little Frother. Vol. 1
Milkyboots. Vol. 3
Miranda. Vol. 19My Brain Hurts Collection 2
My Brain Hurts Collection. Vol. 2
New York City: Photographs From the Empire.
Nova Feedback. Vol. 7
Nova Feedback. Vol. 8
Papercutter. Vol. 12
Plastic Knife. Vol. 3
Please Release.
Puffy White Clouds.
Pyromania. Vol. 5
Shortandqueer. Vol. 4
Smile Hon, You’re In Baltimore. Vol. 6
Somnambulist. Vol. 15
The 27 Steps: Book One.
The Detective Stories.Papercutter v.12
The East Village Inky. Vol. 39: The Tenth Anniversary.
The Juniper. Vol. 11: A Smallerslowersimpler Life.
The Match. Vol. 108: A Journal of Ethical Anarchism.
The Perfect Mix Tape Segue. Vol. 5: Sickness and Health
The Winter 2009 Unlympic Games: Official Program and Rules.
Time Enough At Last: A Reading Log 2007.
Treatment Bound: A Ten Foot Rule “On The Road” Special.
Watch the Closing Doors. Vol. 38
When You Can’t Stand Yourself, Walk Outside: Ten Foot Rule Journal Comix Spring 2007.

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New Zines For October

Posted by Matthew Moyer on October 16, 2010

Autumn is here and we’ve got a flood of incredible zine-y reading material coming your way. We’re sure that you’ll enjoy these new titles! We’re especially excited to have an issue of the incomparable Galactic Zoo Dossier in our Collection – a hand-drawn, hand-lettered compendium of psychedelic and freak-folk weirdness.

Abolish Restaurants: A Worker’s Critique Of The Food Service Industry
After Life
Always Comix: The Evil Issue
As Boredom Sets In. Vol. 3
Asterism. Vol. 6: The Journal Of Science Fiction, Fantasy And Space Music
Cramhole! Vol. 1
Don’t Have A Cow. Vol. 5
Dwelling Portably Collection. Vol. 1
Erosion. Vol. 2
Erosion. Vol. 3
Erosion. Vol. 4
The Fury. Vol. 18
Galactic Zoo Dossier. Vol. 8
Graffiti Blasters. Vol. 3
The Iconoclast. Vol. 82
Just Like A Gemini Too
Lost positives
The Match! Vol. 107: A Journal Of Ethical Anarchism
Mishap. Vol. 27: Special Book Issue
Mystery Box Magazine. Vol. 1
No idea. Vol. 9: Low Tech Issue
No Idea. Vol. 10
No Idea. Vol. 11
Nostalgia Digest. Vol. 31.3
On Lives: Subway Supplement
Original Gangsta. Vol. 3: That Is Wack!
Phase 7. Vol. 12: Barcode
Publick Occurances. Vol. 11
Publick Occurances. Vol. 12
Public Phenomena: Internal Modifications Of Shared Spaces
Rocktober Comics and News. Vol. 47
Rosarie Dawson Loves Me. Vol. 3
Rustbelt. Vol. 2
Screen Craps
Seizure salad
Shoes. Vol. 7 : East Vancouver interviews
Slice Harvester Quarterly. Vol. 1: Uptown
Smile Hon, You’re In Baltimore. Vol. 6
Supreme Publication. Vol. 14
Temporary Conversations: The Dicks
Temporary Conversations: Tim Kerr
Thoughtworm. Vol. 4
Trading Punches With Devil Girl : Poetry And Interviews
Trevor Wayne Pop-Art Show
Wrestling then and now. Vol. 155
Wrestling Then and Now. Vol. 156

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Zine Release Party!

Posted by Josh Jubinsky on October 6, 2010

This Saturday, October 9th, at the Main Library is the Zine Release Party for Issue 4 of ZINE MACHINE!  Kids ages 6-12 come use your library card to check out the newest issue of our zine!  This issue has some comics about kid’s dream schools as well as descriptions and designs of phones by kids.  At the party we’ll also be drawing comics for the next issue and having some killer snacks.  It all starts at 2pm.

Zine Machine is a zine created by kids at the Main Library.  The class meets every Tuesday in the children’s department at 4pm.

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New Zines For September

Posted by Matthew Moyer on September 1, 2010

Here is a list of new items that can be checked out at tonight’s ArtWalk event. We will be set up in front of the Main Library on Laura Street across from Hemming Plaza.

Angry Violist. Vol. 1
Beyond the Porch.
Boing Boing. Vol. 13: Media Culture Brainwash for Now People (Yes, these are the print roots of
The Billy Nayer Show. Vol. 1
Brainscan. Vol. 20 : Painting This Town With Memories.
Brainscan. Vol. 23
Caboose. Vol. 4 : The Ridiculous Issue.
Cambodian Grrrl: Self-Publishing in Phnom Penh.
Cometbus. Vol. 34
Dawn of the Fats.
The Deformitory.
Feedback. Vol. 6
Flipside. Vol. 88
A Given Fancy Book is on Fire.
Jetplane. Vol. 2
Ker-bloom! Vol. 82
Married to the Sea Presents: Mark of Cani – A Story About Ink.
Memoirs of a Queer Hapa. Vol. 2
Milkyboots. Vol. 9
Motorbooty. Vol. 9
Never Any Time For Sleep…
No Better Than Apples. Vol. 6 : Piecemeal
Node Pajomo
The Obscure Animal Compendium. Vol. 3
Opulence! Crap
Playing Stickball on Company Time
Pocket Book. Vol. 3
Rational Inquirer. Vol. 2
Rational Inquirer. Vol. 6
Rational Inquirer. Vol. 7
Razorcake. Vol. 56
The Reckless Joy of Wattage Unused.
Savage Forest.
SIP. Vol. 3
Sobstory. Vol. 7
The Spanish Civil War.
Stoked on Spokes: A Community Cycling Resource Guide
Stop Smiling. Vol. 2
Swift Winds.
Tail Spins. Vol. 30
Tail Spins. Vol. 33
These United States of Annerica.
Under the Volcano. Vol. 47
We’ll Never Have Paris. Vol. 5 : Home
Xtra Tuf. Vol. 5 : The Strike Issue
You Don’t Get There From Here. Vol. 13

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New Zines For July/August

Posted by Matthew Moyer on August 9, 2010

Stop the Presses!  Here are some freshly minted zines available for your reading pleasure. More to follow in the next couple of weeks:

Abort! Vol. 22 : more tales from the land where every day is prom night
Abort! Vol. 23 : Summer 2010
Beer Frame. Vol. 6 : the journal of inconspicuous consumption
The Cheese Stands Alone. Vol. 1
Dig It! Vol. 18
Dropping Out (for students). Vol. 1
Figure 8. Vol. 2
Flipside. Vol. 120
Grindhouse Journal. Vol. 10
Hawaii (1778-1959) : from western discovery to statehood
Hermenaut. Vol. 14
iii zine. Vol. 2
Jock Itch. Vol. 3
Murder Can Be Fun : 1993 datebook
Murder Can Be Fun. Vol. 6 : along came (Typhoid) Mary
Murder Can Be Fun. Vol. 12 : the art of murder
Murder Can Be Fun. Vol. 13 : death at Disneyland
Not Sorry. Vol. 2
One Way Ticket. Vol. 2
Pajomo. Vol. 1
Pajomo. Vol. 2
Passive Lobotomy Press. Vol. 5
Popnausea. Vol. 3
Punk Planet. Vol. 32
Shrike. Vol. 2
Spying Upon Lunatics : an Investigations compilation
Tail Spins Magazine. Vol. 4.19
Ten Foot Rule : proliferation
Twentybus. Vol. 10

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New Stuff! Folio?! …ya heard?

Posted by Josh Jubinsky on August 2, 2010

We had two BIG order arrive in the last few days.  These boxes are overflowing with all sorts of new zines, and new issues of your most loved titles. Be prepared for a whole lot of new stuff to be hitting the shelves soon!

Also, you may have recently just heard about us from the July 27th Folio Weekly cover story.  We hoped you liked it.

Many thanks to John Citrone for writing article, and all the Folio staff for the support.  I couldn’t think of a better way to share information about our efforts with such a large number of people at once. It was truly surreal.

You can read the article online, in .PDF format, here.

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