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We’re Expanding!

Posted by Matthew Moyer on May 29, 2010

Largely due to last month’s auspicious release of 100 new zines into our collection, we’ve grown too big for our trusty display shelf by the Popular Reference Desk.  So we’ve moved! But only a few feet! Here’s the deal, from now on the familiar “Zine Island” will be devoted to all of the new zines that we’ve added to the collection over the last couple of months.

Meanwhile, all of your old favorites will be right over your shoulder. The zines won a gunfight with Louis L’Amour and Zane Grey and claimed some of the erstwhile Western shelving as their own. More new titles to come!

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New Zines for May

Posted by Andrew Coulon on May 17, 2010

Okay, we’ve been saying it for weeks now but finally, here is a list of the new zines for May.  Read em and weep….

  • 12 items or less : a grocery shopping zine
  • 9 and a half left. Vol. 9
  • Absolutely Zippo ! Anthology
  • Adjective Stories
  • Are You Really Reading the Sun?
  • Beer powered bicycle. Vol. 7
  • Blurt! Vol. 4 / Gullible Vol. 27 split
  • Brains. Vol. 1
  • Burn collector. Vol. 12
  • Chickenhed zine and roll. Vol. 5
  • Cometbus Vol. 39
  • Cometbus Vol. 45
  • Cometbus Vol. 46
  • Cometbus Vol. 47
  • Cometbus Vol. 48
  • Cometbus Vol. 49
  • Con queso. Vol. 3
  • DIY: A how to guide for publishing a high school zine
  • Engineering and mass marketing of an individual identity
  • Environmental imp pack. Vol. 1
  • Environmental imp pack. Vol. 2
  • E.C.F.U. Vol. 7
  • Exile Osaka Vol. 2
  • Factsheet 5. Vol. 64
  • Feel happiness. Vol. 1
  • Feel happiness. Vol. 2
  • Fifth Estate Vol. 379
  • Forty Four Presidents
  • Ghetto Garden : d.i.y. country trash livin’
  • Greenwoman Vol. 4
  • Greenwoman Vol. 5
  • Haggard and Halloo. Vol. 26
  • Herbal first aid
  • Human waste. Vol. 1
  • Human waste. Vol. 2
  • Human waste. Vol. 3
  • Human waste. Vol. 5
  • Irrartional Fears
  • Junket. Vol. 1 : taxi stories part one
  • King-Cat Vol. 70
  • Laundry basket : a tales of washday woe
  • Living proof. Vol. 2
  • Loserdom. Vol. 17
  • Mathew Courtney’s Wide Open Caberet : ABC no rio, 1985 – 1990
  • Maximum rock n roll. Vol. 195
  • Maximum rock n roll. Vol. 197
  • Maximum rock n roll. Vol. 206
  • Maximum rock n roll. Vol. 271
  • Maximum rock n roll. Vol. 281
  • Maximum rock n roll. Vol. 282
  • Mixed Reviews
  • Movement magazine. Vol. 9.3
  • Movement magazine. Vol. 10.2
  • Movement magazine. Vol. 11.6
  • Movement magazine. Vol. 12.4
  • Movement magazine. Vol. 17.1
  • Moving Forward: Program for a Participatory Economy
  • Navigating the Space Between Brilliance and Madness
  • Not Necessarily the News Vol. 2
  • Not Necessarily the News Vol. 2.5
  • Outpunk Vol. 7
  • Painted Gash Mythos
  • Punk Zine
  • Quest Among the Bewildered
  • Razorcake. Vol. 55
  • Reggae Chicken
  • Rise and fall of the harbor area. Vol. 14
  • Rocks and blows. Vol. 1
  • Rocks and blows. Vol. 2
  • Rocks and blows. Vol. 3
  • Running 21. Vol. 1
  • salt and slush : winter recipes nova scotia
  • Scenery. Vol. 13
  • Separatorium
  • Seven Inches To Freedom Vol. 1
  • Seven Inches To Freedom Vol. 2
  • Seven Inches To Freedom Vol. 3
  • Seven Inches To Freedom Vol. 4
  • Shotgun seamstress. Vol. 1
  • Shotgun seamstress. Vol. 2
  • Shotgun seamstress. Vol. 3
  • Shotgun seamstress. Vol. 4
  • Solid gould. Vol. 1
  • Songs Unsung Vol. 4
  • Sounds of your name
  • Spin-spin : a beginners guide to spinning yarn
  • Spokes of Hazard. Vol. 2
  • Truckstop magazine. Vol. 2
  • Truckstop magazine. Vol. 6
  • Truckstop magazine. Vol. 7
  • Truckstop magazine. Vol. 8
  • True grit. Vol. 2
  • Worn Fashion Journal Vol. 5
  • Xeens and things Vol. 21
  • You. Anthology
  • Your Day Will Come Vol.  4 / Mix-Tapers Do It Better spit
  • Zendik Vol. 63
  • Zine Machine Vol. 1

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FLA 2010 Presentation

Posted by Andrew Coulon on April 11, 2010

FLA 2010 Thinking Outside the Book

We had the pleasure of presenting at the Florida Library Association’s Annual Conference this last weekend and we were smashing if I do say so myself.  We presented about how to start a zine collection and about all the programs and outreach we have done.  Hopefully some other libraries in Florida will start zine collections.   Here is a link to our presentation.

Stay tuned for more info as it develops.

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New Zines for April 2010

Posted by Matthew Moyer on April 10, 2010

Okay, we realize that this is a somewhat paltry zine release for this month. We apologize. We’ve been busy spreading the good word about zines at the Riverside Arts Market, hosting Tough Junkie at the Library, and giving a presentation at this year’s Florida Library Association Conference. But now all that’s finished, and we’re back to concentrating on the important stuff – getting zines in your hands. Enjoy these for now (there are some real treasures), and next month we’ll drown you in new zines. Promise!

Away With All Cars
Big Hands Vol. 5 – The Chumbawumba Issue (with cassette!)
Cambia Social. Vol. 1
Drinking Sweat In The Ash Age
Get Lost – A Travel Zine
The HPV Zine
Maximum Rock N Roll. Vol. 236
Maximum Rock N Roll. Vol. 266
Maximum Rock N Roll. Vol. 270
Maximum Rock N Roll. Vol. 276
Maximum Rock N Roll. Vol. 277
Maximum Rock N Roll. Vol. 283
Maximum Rock N Roll. Vol. 287
Maximum Rock N Roll. Vol. 288
Maximum Rock N Roll. Vol. 290
Maximum Rock N Roll. Vol. 300
Maximum Rock N Roll. Vol. 301
Maximum Rock N Roll. Vol. 302
Maximum Rock N Roll. Vol. 313
Maximum Rock N Roll. Vol. 316
Megabeef. Vol. 3
Razorcake. Vol. 54
Scenery. Vol. 14 – Fire As A Metaphor
Smiling Disease: A Guide to Public Snickering
This Is Our Cousin Zine
Where You From?

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We’re old school

Posted by Andrew Coulon on April 2, 2010

What can we say?  We like paper zines, old music and one of us even collects stamps.  But we’re getting with it.  Notice the links to our new Twitter and Facebook pages on the right.  Yeah, I knew you’d be impressed.

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April Art Walk

Posted by Andrew Coulon on March 30, 2010

Tough Junkie flyer

You know you want to be there…..

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Zine Mobile At RAM

Posted by Josh Jubinsky on March 24, 2010

We’ll be seeing you at the Riverside Arts Market this weekend!  The Zine Committee will be there via bike with the Zine Mobile in tow.  It’s a great chance to meet us and talk zine.  And you can stock up on your favorite zines, for free of course, with your library card.  If you don’t have a library card stop by the table and get one – that’s free too.   Our table is located right across from Bike Jax’s valet bike parking.  So park that bike you just got tuned up at Zen Cog and come say hello!

Isn’t RAM becoming a great place for one-stop shopping of what? I know it’s where i get my fresh veggie every weekend.  Now it’s a place to check out zines from the library. And remember, you can always return library items to any JPL Library.

But what else besides zines? Well we still have some copies of our limited Black Kids zine posters.  Even though those are flyin’ off the stacks, we’ll have some to giveaway at the Art Market.   And what’s that? We have awesome buttons to give away too? Yes, indeed.  See you Saturday.

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New Zines For March 2010

Posted by Matthew Moyer on March 22, 2010

Argh! Between Much Ado About Books, our appearances at Harvest of Hope, Riverside Arts Market, and a looming presentation at this year’s Florida Library Association Conference (“Zines, Records and Rock n’ Roll: Alternative Media in Libraries”), we’ve been a little slow in getting new zines to you this month! Our apologies, and please enjoy these new titles. More to come, promise….

A La Maison (with cd)
America? v.13
America? v.14
America? v.15
Archivision v.1 / Now Let’s Put on a Show v.6
As Soon as You’re Born They Make You Feel Small
Broken Pencil v.43
The Hum v.2
Jaxzine v.1
Maximum Rock and Roll v.279
Maximum Rock and Roll v.317
Momentum v.32
Oh Shoot
On Subbing: The First Four Years
Profane Existence v.50-51
Show Me the Money! v.26
Show Me the Money! v.27
Slingshot v.100
Stories Care Forgot: An Anthology of New Orleans Zines
Zine Libs v.2

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MAAB Line-up

Posted by Andrew Coulon on February 26, 2010

Much Ado About Books

One last reminder to check out the Zine activities at this year’s Much Ado About Books! We will be located in the Zimmerman Overlook (first floor, near the DVDs and the Zine Collection).

10:45 – 11:30

Ian Koss (Ink 19), Joe LaChut (Seven Inches to Freedom), Tom Pennington (The Hum, Reax)  and Max Michaels (Movement Magazine) will be discussing their history with zines, the importance of independent publishing, and the role of the Internet in publishing.

12:00 – 12:45

Authors Duncan B. Barlow (Super Cell Anemia), Patrick Hughes (Diaries of Indignities), Shelton Hull (Folio Weekly, Section 8) and poet Alan Justiss (too many to list) will read from their own original work.

If you want more info on the events or bios on these authors, click here or on the logo at the top. Hope to see you there!

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Media Blitz

Posted by Matthew Moyer on February 25, 2010

Tune in to WJCT 89.9 FM at 9:00am tomorrow where First Coast Connect will be doing a segment on the Zine programs at Much Ado About Books. Host Melissa Ross will be interviewing Shelton Hull and Alan Justiss about zines and their own writings..

Listen online if you’re nowhere near a radio.

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