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1000 Zines

Posted by Andrew Coulon on June 22, 2011

The Jacksonville Public Library just cataloged its 1000th zine!

In just under two years, we’ve built an impressive collection of zines and we literally couldn’t have done it without you.  We have received boxes and boxes of donations from generous people around Florida and around the country.  Keep it up!  Check out a zine and show your support!

To celebrate this milestone, we are planning a zine release party for the new materials at the July Artwalk.  More details to come.  We will have lots of new stuff to check out that day, so be sure to stop in at the Main Library.


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New Zines For May 2011

Posted by Matthew Moyer on May 28, 2011

If you happen to be downtown today, checking out the Jazz Festival, why not swing by the library and pick up some new zines? You’ll need something read in between sets!

America? Vol. 9
Bang! Thud: A World Spirit From a Texas School Book Depository.
Big Hands. Vol. 5
Cometbus. Vol. 50
The Darkness to the West.
Darlene Rock-n-Roll Fanzine. Vol. 4
4 More Years.
Geneva 13. Vol. 11
Go For Broke! Climbing Kilimanjaro Vol. 2
How to Grow an Avocado Plant.
I Gave a Song for You.
Ink Nineteen: September 1996.
Journal of Aesthetics and Protest. Vol. 7
Journalsong. Vol. 5
Mezcolanza. Vol. 16
Mopeyshadow. Vol. 1
Noburbs. Vol. 1
Motorbooty. Vol. 7
Razorcake. Vol. 59
Shock Action Stories. Vol. 1
The Silhouette. Vol. 5
Submarine File: Misc.
Toenails. Vol. 5
What’s the big idea? Vol. 2

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April Zine Release

Posted by Andrew Coulon on April 29, 2011

Hey zine fans,
Here is a list of new items in the Jacksonville Public Library Zine Collection. Check a few out and enjoy a personal moment with good, old fashioned print on paper.

3.05 Metres: A Ten Foot Rule Primer3.05 Metres
Agriculture Biotechnology
Axis of Eviil Banquet
Chickeney Vol. 1
Chickeney Vol. 2
Dimanche Vol. 5
Dimanche Vol. 6
Dumpsterland Vol. 11
Edit Edit
Elephant Mess Vol. 26
Greasespot Vol. 4
Juniper Vol.13Chickeney Vol. 2
Lidspeculum Vil. 1
Practice Apartment
Readers Digress! Vol. 7
Readers Digress! Vol. 9
Readers Digress! Vol. 10
Readers Digress! Vol. 11
Saugus to the Sea
Sixth Minkey Vol. 1
So Nails Vol. 4
Sudden Death Semantics
Take It – It’s My BodySaugus to the Sea
This Ain’t No Anthology… Ten Foot Rule
Wormwood Press

Also, The Zine Collection is closing in on 1000 items, so if you haven’t been downtown to browse the collection in a while, you’ll probably be surprised at how the collection has grown.  We are constantly cataloging new items so be sure to check back regularly.

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New Zines For March

Posted by Matthew Moyer on March 31, 2011

Here are the newest zines in the JPL Zine Collection.  Check a bunch out, get inspired and write your own!

American spectarian. :  zodiac v.3
Spontaneous lunchbox combustion
Josh Sullivan Comics! Vol. 10
Ink nineteen :  June 1996
Ink nineteen :  July 1996
Ink nineteen :  August 1996
Girls a go go : the ye ye issue
The East Village inky. Vol. 38
The frugal vegan’s spring and summer survival guide
Caboose. Vol. 1
What I did on my summer vacation
Milkyboots. Vol. 4
Somnambulist. Vol. 8
Bipedal, by pedal! Vol. 2 : confidential Mad Libs
Smile hon, you’re in Baltimore. Vol. 11
The book bindery
The East Village inky. Vol. 40
Middle school
Make/shift. Vol. 8
Functionally ill. Vol. 5 : adventures with mental health
Scam. Vol. 7
Cometbus. Vol. 36
Duplex planet. Vol. 181
Duplex planet. Vol. 186
The iconoclast. Vol. 85
Girls are not chicks coloring book
Mishap. Vol. 26
This is what concerns me presents : remainders
Ink nineteen : May 1996
Worn. Vol. 7 : fashion journal
Better looking than a blog. a collection. : ten foot rule journal comix
A day in Rennes-le-Chateau
Strap yourself in. Vol. 8
Samantha Dorsett tribute zine
Smile hon, you’re in Baltimore. Vol. 9
The black cloud. Vol. 3
Zine name
These yams Are delicious

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Mike Watt in Jacksonville

Posted by Andrew Coulon on March 24, 2011

Hey cool cats, you may have heard by now that punk legend Mike Watt will be playing at Jack Rabbits this Thursday.  In case you may have missed some of Watt’s back catalog, JPL has you covered with the below selections. We Jam Econo is a terrific documentary on the Minutemen.  Post-Mersh (3 Volumes) collects much of the Minutemen’s early work.  Double Nickels on the Dime has been heralded as one of the best albums from the 80s.  Ball Hog or Tugboat? is Watt’s first solo album with back up from members of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Dinosaur Jr. and Sonic Youth.  D.I.Y or Die is another documentary about zine and music culture and it features interview footage with Mike Watt.  Get busy!

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Memorial For Alan Justiss

Posted by Matthew Moyer on March 9, 2011

It would be an excellent idea if you take a few minutes out of your busy Saturday afternoon and head down to the Five Points Theatre to say goodbye to a titan of poetry, self-publishing, chapbooks, zines, and spoken word in our fair city. You’d better believe that the Zine Committee will be there.

Where and When:

Five Points Theatre
1028 Park Street
This event is free of charge.

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New Zines for February 2011

Posted by Matthew Moyer on February 28, 2011

Let’s try our best to shake off the winter blues with some new and inspiring reading material, courtesy of your Zine Collection. We’ve got a REALLY mixed bag of items this time around. Look closely, you might find some VERY pleasant surprises in there.

Al Burian Goes to Hell.
America Go Fly a Kite.
Bejeezus. Vol. 10
Blood Moon Rising. Vol. 18
Brainscan. Vol. 20: Irreconcilable Differences
Caboose. Vol. 5: The Improvement Issue
Caboose. Vol. 6: The Health and Recreation Issue
Croq. Vol. 5
Doom Emotiiion.
Duplex Planet. Vol. 179
Funwater Awesome. Vol. 3
The Gay Utopia.
Gendrfailz. Vol. 1: The First Appointment
Greenblooded: An Introduction to Eco-Friendly Feminine Hygiene.
Helios Eye: Hey Hey Hey.
Humanbeing Lawnmower. Vol. 1
Ink Nineteen: December 1995
Ink Nineteen: January 1996
Ink Nineteen: February 1996
Ink Nineteen: March 1996
Ink Nineteen: April 1996
Inside Front. Vol. 12
Jaded Hipsters Dig Whiskey Sours: Short Stories by the Urban Hermitt.
Lissajou: Tsy Misy.
Maximum Rock n Roll. Vol. 204
Mishap. Vol. 28
Movement Magazine. Vol. 18.1
The National Science Fair of Amazing New Discoveries.
Papercutter. Vol. 11
Phase 7. Vol. 7
Rad Dad. Vol. 17
Razorcake. Vol. 57
Razorcake. Vol. 58
Skin deep: A Smile Hon, You’re in Baltimore! Production.
Smile Hon, You’re in Baltimore. Vol. 13
Syndicate Product. Vol. 12
Tenacious. Vol. 16: Art and Writings From Women in Prison
Tough Junkie: Grab What You Can.
You Know What They Say.
Zisk. Vol. 15

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Remembering Alan Justiss

Posted by Matthew Moyer on February 15, 2011

We’re sad to report that friend of the Zine Collection and Jacksonville writer par excellence Alan Justiss passed away over the weekend. Though he created a vast body of work, mixed it up with the likes of Alan Ginsberg and Charles Bukowski, and had a huge influence on at least two generations of young Jacksonville writers and creatives–and much will no doubt be written about that–we remember him fondly for his work above and beyond the call of duty in promoting the first Much Ado About Zines event last spring. Though obviously in ill health, Alan, acting as the grand old man of Jacksonville zines, undertook a hectic two-day schedule promoting and participating in the event. He appeared on WJCT’s First Coast Connect radio show (listen to that episode here) talking about the history of zines and chapbooks, gamely attended the gala fundraiser for the event, adding some much needed grit to the champagne bubbles, got up bright and early to do a reading on the day, signed books and chatted with fans, and finally attended a lunch with all of the other zine writers. His performance, shunning a microphone and relying on the gravitas of his voice for amplification, was just electrifying and incantatory. He easily held his own against savvy wordsmiths like Patrick Hughes and Duncan Barlow. It was a great thrill to be able to gather such a diverse and talented group of zine writers; but at the end of the day, it was Alan Justiss who sat at the head of the table. He will be missed.

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Posted by Josh Jubinsky on February 10, 2011

Call me biased, but librarians are awesome – whether it’s a public library or university.   I ran into my friend Mr. Ross Martin at a show in Deleon Springs last week.  He works as a librarian at Seminole State College.   Apparently he was jumping the gun on some spring cleaning, and low and behold he had a giant plastic tub of zines to donation to our collection.   It was amazing.

His donation has a lot of older punk zines in it that will really help fill out our collection.  A lot of them are specific to Florida as well.  Thanks so much again Ross!

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Listen To This Zine!

Posted by Matthew Moyer on January 21, 2011

It’s happened to all of us, you finish reading a zine, and wonder what exactly the band that gave that great interview sounds like? Sure, you could trawl around iTunes, but where’s the fun in that? The Zine Collection has teamed up with the Popular Media department at the Main Library to offer you a selection of albums from bands featured in the pages of some of our finest, cutting-edge music zines. They’re displayed with the new zines on the first floor of the Main Library, and we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by some of the selections. As always, maximum volume yields maximum results.

Maximum Rock N’ Roll Vol. 288
Clockcleaner – “Babylon Rules”

Maximum Rock N’ Roll Vol. 278
The Fall – “Hex Induction Hour”

Maximum Rock N’ Roll Vol. 278
Thee Headcoats – “Knights of the Baskervilles”

Maximum Rock N’ Roll Vol. 308
The Cramps – “Live at Napa State Mental Hospital” (DVD)

Maximum Rock N’ Roll Vol. 283
Jay Reatard – “Singles 06-07”

Maximum Rock N’ Roll Vol. 191 AND Razorcake Vol. 4
Minor Threat – “Complete Discography”

Razorcake Vol. 48
Otis Redding – “The Otis Redding Dictionary of Soul”

Maximum Rock N’ Roll Vol. 179
Boysetsfire – “After the Eulogy”

Maximum Rock N’ Roll Vol. 289
Southern Death Cult – “Southern Death Cult”

Tail Spins. Vol. 33
Melt Banana – “Cactuses Come in Flocks”

Tail Spins. Vol. 19
Sebadoah – “III”

Many more to come…

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