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Somnambulist # 15 by Martha Grover

Posted by Jessica Whittington on September 30, 2010

Martha Grover lives in one of those families where you either can relate to her or you can’t at all and you’re not particularly upset about it. Weekly family meetings? Yes, those dreaded moments sitting in the living room for an extended amount of time, counting down the minutes to when you can get up and go sit in your room and blast your music once again. Martha’s zine, thank goodness, lets us do that without actually having to hear mom nag you for not taking the trash out for the fifth time. She keeps minutes of her family meetings in October 2009, the entire year, and it’s awesome. Her parents seem pretty cool about the whole thing in the end, though I’m sure some embarrassment has come out of this zine being published. It’s a real riot reading about them coming in late to the meetings after nights of partying and getting onto each other for not picking up their towels off the bathroom floor. Oh, and another thing that is cool about her zine is that you can put in your own ad in the back for twenty-five bucks. Check it out!


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Navigating the Space Between Brilliance and Madness

Posted by Jessica Whittington on July 19, 2010

Navigating the Space Between Brilliance and Madness: A Reader and Roadmap of Bipolar Worlds, was self-published by the Icarus Project in March 2004. The book is currently in its 6th printing and is full of firsthand encounters with bi-polar disorder. I like the fact that it’s not a normal sized zine, but more like a larger magazine.

First off, I had no clue Sascha Scatter was one of the co- founders of Choking Victim, although I have never listened to them, I think it’s a good idea that someone “known” to younger people would take the time to educate people on this serious disorder. The personal stories from people and families dealing with bipolar disorder are very insightful and you really get an understanding of how this all works.  I mean, can you imagine one minute having the best ideas in the world and the creative juices flowing through your veins, thinking you’re superman with the most self confidence in the world, and the next hour crying for no apparent reason feeling like the biggest failure, completely hopeless?

These stories are heartbreaking and honest and it took a lot of guts for the people involved in this project to open up with their feelings. It’s a huge road map guiding you along the trails of different people showing you the route they took and how they are dealing with it and trying to live their lives the best they can.

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Posted by Jessica Whittington on October 9, 2009

I am so relieved that everything went as planned. We had so many people come and check out the collection and Tuffy.  I’ll admit I was a little nervous waiting around while people trickled in. Tuffy did an amazing job, this was the first time I have seen them play with more than two people so I was eager to hear them and I smiled each time I heard a whistle or a hand clap. Those little things make bands stand out.

Okay, so now onto the zine part. People loved it! I heard tons of people talking about being in the process of making their own zine (I’m also in the process of getting things together for mine) and I’m glad people are still inspired to do things that express themselves.  This will give us all a chance to let people know there is a way to get your thoughts heard and your words seen without having to go through a publisher, you merely just do it yourself.

I tried to post a blog earlier this month about my new favorite zines but alas I wasn’t able to BUT now I am and I have more favorites then before. It’s been interesting to sit down at my desk and pull these zines out to catalog them because once I open them I get totally caught up in these authors’  lives. I’m more into the perzines so they usually all hit hard to the gut. Being the only female in this committee I really tried hard to pick out certain zines that I thought would benefit other women in our community and speak truth, which is what we all need to hear sometimes. Lots of zines on sexual assault and being a survivor, feminism, metal health, woman’s rights and situations involving women in other countries- and yes, some fun zines also in knitting, bike information, gardening and the like.

One zine that particularly caught my eye and my attention (which is usually hard to do), was “Walking the Insanity-clamor communique #28 by Sascha Scatter, I don’t know if it was the lyrics to “Animal” by the Subhumans on the cover that did it for me or what, but as soon as I started reading it I couldn’t put it down. It dives deep and takes you on a journey through the mind of someone who is dealing with a mental illness. The author goes into detail about his numerous stays at psych wards after being found wandering the streets and also after attempting suicide. He brings you into the situation. He lets you sit there with him while the doctors are issuing him his meds. If you’re dealing with a mental illness this zine will really make you feel that “thank goodness I’m not the only one” feeling. If you’re not dealing with these problems then it will give you insight and facts about coping with the madness.

Also check out-

List  (tons and tons of things that were found)

Re:production (climb into the minds of females)

Pound the Pavement  (awesome street art)

Can’t wait to see where this collection takes us!

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