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Zine Machine Preview

Posted by Josh Jubinsky on March 4, 2010

The Zine Machine class at the Children’s Department at the Main Library is going swimmingly.  Here are two samples of what the kids have been working on… Click on them to see the image larger.

Click here for more information about the Zine Machine program.


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Zines on the Airwaves

Posted by Josh Jubinsky on March 4, 2010

Last Thursday,  Alan Justiss and Shelton Hull were on the local 89.9 radio station to talk about Much Ado About Books and the Zine Collection.  They represented the library and zine collection amazingly – thanks guys!

Listen or download from the link below.   The discussion turns to the Library and zine around 32:50.

Check it out here.

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Zine Release Party at Art Walk!

Posted by Josh Jubinsky on February 4, 2010

The February zine release was great! About 120 people came to hang out, a great group of 40 or so stuck around for the whole event!  Travis Fristoe, Samantha Jones and Chelsea C all did an amazing job.   Thanks again for coming up from Gainesville!  A lot of new faces came to check out the collection and the new items.

Travis Fristoe

Samantha Jones

Chelsea C.

And here’s some video from a bit of Chelsea’s set.

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Folio Loves Zines!

Posted by Josh Jubinsky on January 28, 2010

Folio Weekly has been super awesome to us zine librarians lately.  They caught us doing outreach at Jacksonville’s Cinema Sounds event, and laid down a pretty sweet blurb about our Zine Machine program for kids. Thanks Folio!

Speaking of Zine Machine, here is the new flyer!  Tell us what you think.

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Zine Outreach

Posted by Josh Jubinsky on January 11, 2010

Saturday’s outreach was a blast! A lot of great people were at the show and we definetly gave out lots of flyers and library card applications.  It was in a very cold warehouse on a very cold night, but we had a lot of fun and got to talk about the zine collection to everyone.

The next place we’ll be doing outreach is a the 5 points theatre for Cinema Sounds.   It’s an event where bands produce lives scores to classic movies.  The event starts Saturday January 16th at 10:30pm.  Be sure to stop by our table, say hello, check out some zines and sign up for a library card! Read more about the Cinema Sounds event here.

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Zine Machine program for kids!

Posted by Josh Jubinsky on January 5, 2010

The Children’s Department at the Main Library has a new program focused on writing and zine publication for kids.  Here’s the scoop.

Zine Machine : Creative Writing and Publication for Kids!

Meet with us weekly for awesome creative writing and cartooning projects!

Your participation is a MUST as we create fun text and images for our quarterly zine publication of your best work.  Every child receives a copy of the group-published zine and the library catalogs the zine for it’s collection!

This program is for children ages 8-13 and starts January 19th at 4pm in the Children’s Department at the Main Library Downtown.   It will meet on a weekly basis.

For more information call 630-2417. 

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Zine Yearbook #9

Posted by Josh Jubinsky on December 7, 2009

Zine Yearbook #9
Edited by Microcosm Publishing.

With anyone looking for a new zine – this general concept is paramount; the more you know, the more you know you don’t know. From the start of pulling together elements of the zine collection, I knew my familiarity with zines and their distribution aspects from running my own distro and record store would be helpful – much more helpful than my reluctant and half hearted enthusiasm over cataloging minutia. “Oh yeah, we should definitely get this title and that title and so and so is donating back issues of this and that.”   I obviously never thought zines ended with what I knew of them, but I wasn’t quite prepared for how much I didn’t know outside of standard distribution channels. And the humbling power of hundreds of new titles came crashing like modern first-world economic plight.

Enter Zine Yearbook #9, where a culmination of historical torch passing compilers, from Jen Angel to Softskull Press to Tree of Knowledge, finally lands a new publishing partnership with Microcosm Publishing.   Microcosm’s treatment of the Zine Yearbook project is nothing short of inspiring – both in terms of process and product.  The thousands of zines read and mulled over at meetings lead to 230 pages of over 120 selections from various zines.  The final product is a tasty sampler containing thoughtful, engaging, personal, independent writing and artistry from around the globe.  Accompanying each printed submission is the contact information for your follow up – write them and tell them what you think, order the zine for yourself, or tell us local librarians how much you loved a certain entry and wish we had it available for checkout here. …the whimsical art and text of “My Friends and Their Tall Bikes,” the great storytelling in Pensacola’s “Mylxine” zine, the illustrations from “Bowling Stars of 1989,” the funny and interesting responses from the ad posting’s of the author of “Three Minute Girlfriend.”  All a must-see!

Zine Yearbook 9 is an anthology of independent writing and artistry that should not go missed.   Check it out at the library this winter and find a warm place to discover all kinds of new and neat zines.

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More Coverage From Zine Opening!

Posted by Josh Jubinsky on October 9, 2009

In case you missed the event and are wondering if your best friend showed up without you, here are some pictures from the Zine Collection opening during October’s Artwalk.  All taken from JaxScene’s flickr account.  Thanks to Tom and Jenny for documenting the event.

Click the link at the bottom to view all the pictures.


Patrons checking out the new collection before the band plays.

Tuffy, setting up for the show.

Tuffy, setting up for the show.

Tuffy performing.

Tuffy performing.

Patrons watching the band.

Patrons watching the band.

Click here for the rest of the JaxScene photoset from this event.

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Maximum Rock AND Roll!

Posted by Josh Jubinsky on October 9, 2009

So the zine collection is officially open, you checked it out. You thought Burn Collector was neat, and liked that cute zine with drawings about coffee. You think “and that’s that” – right? No way!

mrrIn the past two days we added over 20 more issues of Maximum Rock N Roll, and the new issue of Give Me Back!  Let me tell you about them a little bit.

Maximum Rock N Roll is a monthly not-for-profit fanzine based in San Francisco, USA. Each issue features interviews, columns, and reviews from international contributors. As far as punk music, the publication has wide ranging coverage and is a stable of ideological influence within the punk community for over two decades.

With over 20 issues on our shelves, I’m not going over each one. Some highlights though, indeed. They are really loaded with great stuff to say the least.  Lots of great reviews of records, zines, books, movies.  They have a news section that typically focuses on leftist topics and activism news.  Most of them have scene reports such as; #284 Syracuse, NY and San Diego, California, #314 Toronto, #315 London, #292 Poland, #289 Timisoara, Romania and Copenhagen, Denmark, #225 Belarus and the Philippines.  Some have special topics – such as #310 is mostly about health, as well as a listing of the year end top tens.  Issue #308 is mostly about punks and film.

On the whole, Felix Havoc has an excellent column. Our shared background of record label and music distribution may be one reason I like it so much, especially since he discuses that often – how it changes through styles, economics and whatnot.

As far as some awesome band interviews go… No Hope for the Kids and Dropdead get interviewed well in #254.  Dropdead is fast thrash punk has been around since 1991. The lyrics typically have a hardline vegan and animal rights stance.  I’ve been a longtime fan, but when my band played with them at Richmond, Virginia’s Best Friends Day Festival it really sealed the deal!  Issue #225 has a good interview with Martin from Los Crudos about his label Lengua Armada.

Issue #284 has a really nice piece on the twenty year history of 254 Gilman Street Project.  It’s a community space and show space owned and operated by punks.  Issue #314 has a thorough history of Italian squats.

givemebackThe new issue of Give Me Back is full to the brim with goodies!  First of all, Florida is represented TWICE on the cover – an interview with Gainesville’s band Dead Friends and an interview with local Jacksonville artist Sean Mahan. It also features great columns and some interviews with Pygmy Lush, Kimya Dawson and Next Victim. And over 20 pages of record, zine and book reviews!

Something for everyone is these zines! Don’t be intimidated or feel weird about how you may not know the bands. If you like punk music / community / culture – this is your free ticket to more if it!

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Up and Running

Posted by Josh Jubinsky on October 8, 2009

first zine patron

Bruce, an aspiring young zinester.

Last nights event was fantastic! Over 200 people came in to listen to Tuffy and check out the zine collection.    Thank you to everyone who came to the opening.

If you missed the big event last night, please be sure to stop by soon.  A good deal of zines have been checked out, but we promise to help you find something great to take home with you!  If not, you can also put items on hold through the library website.

Visit  And search for “zines.”  After logging in with your library card number and password you can put items on hold and have them sent to whichever library you frequent.  Although coming down to the Main Library and seeing the collection in person is well worth the trip!

We’ll be linking up local blog coverage of the event soon.  Until then, here are some more photos from the evening. Thanks again for everyone hat came out, and of course Tuffy who played an amazing set.


Straightening the shelves before the opening.

Enjoying the band...

Enjoying the band...

Tuffy performing.

Tuffy performing.

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