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Zine Release Party!

Posted by Josh Jubinsky on October 6, 2010

This Saturday, October 9th, at the Main Library is the Zine Release Party for Issue 4 of ZINE MACHINE!  Kids ages 6-12 come use your library card to check out the newest issue of our zine!  This issue has some comics about kid’s dream schools as well as descriptions and designs of phones by kids.  At the party we’ll also be drawing comics for the next issue and having some killer snacks.  It all starts at 2pm.

Zine Machine is a zine created by kids at the Main Library.  The class meets every Tuesday in the children’s department at 4pm.


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New Stuff! Folio?! …ya heard?

Posted by Josh Jubinsky on August 2, 2010

We had two BIG order arrive in the last few days.  These boxes are overflowing with all sorts of new zines, and new issues of your most loved titles. Be prepared for a whole lot of new stuff to be hitting the shelves soon!

Also, you may have recently just heard about us from the July 27th Folio Weekly cover story.  We hoped you liked it.

Many thanks to John Citrone for writing article, and all the Folio staff for the support.  I couldn’t think of a better way to share information about our efforts with such a large number of people at once. It was truly surreal.

You can read the article online, in .PDF format, here.

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Zine Machine Issue #2

Posted by Josh Jubinsky on July 28, 2010


Issue #2 is done! It’s the  “country” issue!  Kids from the Main Library’s  Zine Machine class spent a month of meeting weekly to create eight different countries.  Check out a flag designs, maps, currency, royal portaits, data such as climate, population and motto, and even pictures from each countries rich fictional, child-created, history!   Countries include Karateland, Legotown, Spiralonia, Fight-Rager, Sophie, Adelhide, Imagine World, and United Games. 

Copies are available for checkout at the Main Library’s Children’s Department and first floor Zine Collection.

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All The Days Are Numbered So

Posted by Josh Jubinsky on June 19, 2010

All The Days Are Numbered So
Zine w/ CD

Somewhere, amidst the median of grasping at straws to ‘being the change you want to see in the world’ and the full blown attempts (with generally tepid results) of recreating the glory days of your past, we find the zine “All the Days Are Numbered So.” It’s right in the middle of these ideas. But luckily for us, hovering just off the ground. So as to be heightened over the mediocrity of the casual boring punk over 30, who now instead of writing about something interesting w/ coffee and smoke, is now just writing about coffee and smoke. Wisdom, at times, creates a bored perdition of artists. And bored and soul less still are it’s fans and those perpetually aging and urging provocateurs.

Thankfully, twice now you’re struck on luck dear reader. For “All the Days Are Numbered So” is contains none of this boring purgatory. No unheroically aging punks. No dim torches being fueled by old record collections.

The enthusiasm is real. The idea of punk in this zine will and has changed lives. The sum of this community is far greater than it’s parts. Everything included here is compiled by Nate Powell, and the work is aptly released on his Harlan Records label. The highlights of the first half of the printed zine include contributions from Al Burian, Travis Fristoe, Erin Tobey, and Meredith Gaydosh. This includes essays and comics. The second half of the zine is pages the bands made with lyrics and collages. Highlights from the CD include tracks from Fiya, Soophie Nun Squad, Erin Tobey, Tiny Hawks, Reactionary Three, Sinaloa, Cassette, Matty Pop Chart, and of course, my favorite, Abe Froman.  Having booked shows and even released records for some of these bands on my own, it’s nice to know that most of the people know each other.  The community represented here has a good small town feel. The music is varied, and yet everyone knows nearly everyone. It’s comforting that with this zine and CD, you get to know them yourself.

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JPL Zine Collection Video

Posted by Josh Jubinsky on April 29, 2010

My friend Clay Doran approached me about a project for his digital capturing class at UNF.   He was really excited about featuring the zine collection in his short video project.    It worked out great for both of us!  Thanks Clay!

An Introduction to the Jacksonville Zine Library by Clay Doran

Here’s a link to the video –

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That’s How We Roll

Posted by Josh Jubinsky on April 5, 2010

Matt from the Bike Jax blog did a post about the zine collection at the Riverside Arts Market. Check it out here.

Thanks Matt! See you again at RAM on May 8th.

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Zine Mobile At RAM

Posted by Josh Jubinsky on March 24, 2010

We’ll be seeing you at the Riverside Arts Market this weekend!  The Zine Committee will be there via bike with the Zine Mobile in tow.  It’s a great chance to meet us and talk zine.  And you can stock up on your favorite zines, for free of course, with your library card.  If you don’t have a library card stop by the table and get one – that’s free too.   Our table is located right across from Bike Jax’s valet bike parking.  So park that bike you just got tuned up at Zen Cog and come say hello!

Isn’t RAM becoming a great place for one-stop shopping of what? I know it’s where i get my fresh veggie every weekend.  Now it’s a place to check out zines from the library. And remember, you can always return library items to any JPL Library.

But what else besides zines? Well we still have some copies of our limited Black Kids zine posters.  Even though those are flyin’ off the stacks, we’ll have some to giveaway at the Art Market.   And what’s that? We have awesome buttons to give away too? Yes, indeed.  See you Saturday.

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Harvest of Hope Outreach

Posted by Josh Jubinsky on March 17, 2010

Big crowds at Harvest of Hope!

We had a table at the Harvest of Hope Festival this year on Friday, March 12th and Saturday, March 13th.   So if you are still wondering why about half of the 10,000 or so people at the event had those ‘I Love My Public Library’ sticker, now you know – it was us.

Our table at Harvest of Hope.

But chances are you visited our table and got a sticker for yourself.  We were giving away the first poster in our series (of the band Black Kids) and spotlighting essential information and upcoming events within the our library system.  We were amazed at how many people already knew about the zine collection and use it frequently.  We’re glad we got to meet some of those veteran library patrons and turn on what it is we do to some new people as well.  

We got to meet lots of other organizations – some of which were places and people that published zines we already had in our collection!  It was great getting to know people from Civic Media Center, Gainesville’s Books to Prisoners, Music Saves Lives, Zendik Farms, Student Farmworker Alliance,  Dream Activist, Farmworker Alliance, The Fine Print, The Beehive Collective, Free Radio Gainesville and Zombie Bikes.  Here’s a few of us enjoying the latest cyclical exploits of the Zombie Bike crew.


And here are some more photo highlights from the weekend.

Our new friends at the Beehive Collective, talking about their art.

We were excited to see Sam Jones's 'Cassette' band play. Especially after she had just played at our library!

The funnel cake was huge.

Zombie Bikers Joe and Gary. They'll be teaching a class to kids at the Main Library on bike safety April 10th.

We did a photoshoot with the band Defiance Ohio for our next poster in the series!

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Black Kids Love Zines!

Posted by Josh Jubinsky on March 10, 2010

Be sure to get your limited edition ‘Read Zines’ poster featuring the Black Kids!   We’ll be giving out posters at the Zine Collection booth on Friday and Saturday of the Harvest of Hope festival.  And of course you’ll be able to get your poster and check out some zines on March 27th at the Zine Collection table at Riverside Arts Market.

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Much Ado About Zines Recap

Posted by Josh Jubinsky on March 8, 2010

The Zine Collection events for Much Ado About Books were a huge success.  The panel discussion, though a bit early for some of the punx, had a great turnout.  Max Michaels,  Ian Koss,  Tom Pennington and Joe Lachut carried on a lively and engaging discussion.  

Joe Lachut from Forts Myers brought up some people with him, including John Fahy, who writes for Maximum Rock n Roll and his own zine “Your Day Will Come”.  Since Shelton Hull was absent, Fahy did a last-minute reading from his newest article in MRR.  It was an amazing piece detailing his band Merkit touring Europe.  Duncan Barlow had a more subdued and thoughtful, though no less awesome, reading.  And Patrick Hughes followed with a comedic outpour of energy. Alan Justiss powerfully read some of his poems with a brilliance of wisdom and experience as his pedestal.  

Thanks again to everyone who came to the event.

Check out pictures from the event I took here and pictures from Jenny and Tom of Reax Magazine here. We have video of the entire event. Once it’s edited down a bit, we’ll post that in installments as well.

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