The Zine Collection

…at Jacksonville’s Main Library

Sharpen your zine making skills at Graphic Attack!

Posted by ryan fix on September 27, 2016

Join JPL Teen department employee  Brentley Stead for Graphic Attack In JPL’s new Makerspace.  Each session will present an exciting new topic.

Come and explore a range of image making processes including drawing. Resources from our collection will be used. Art supplies will be provided.
Upcoming sessions include:
9/28— Celebrate banned book week with censor poetry. Take a page and create a new story.
10/12— Can you describe your favorite book in 144 characters or less? Take the challenge and create your own Twitter worthy book reviews. Can you convince us to read your book?
4:00pm – 5:00 pm in the Jax. Makerspace on the Ground floor.
Check our calendar here to find out more about this and other events.

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