The Zine Collection

…at Jacksonville’s Main Library

Girls Rock Jacksonville at Power Hour at Brew

Posted by ryan fix on June 23, 2016

Girls Rock Jacksonville Outreach 06/15 and 6/22

On June 15th and 22nd Sara Radovic and Ryan Fix from the Popular/Fiction department, along with Erin Tuzuner from Adult Programming partnered with local organization Girls Rock Jacksonville to promote JPL’s Zine collection.  Girls Rock Jacksonville is an organization who’s “mission is to cultivate self-empowerment and positive identity development in girls, and gender non-conforming youth through music experimentation, DIY media and peer collaboration”. The event, a pre camp get together for employees, donors, and volunteers was held at Brew Coffee House in 5pts.  During the event Sara and Ryan staffed an information table set up with an assortment of zines, and promotional materials for JPL summer programs.  Attendees were surprised and impressed to hear that the library has a zine collection.  It was a great time partnering with the crew from Girls Rock Jacksonville, and we will do it again soon.


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