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Graphic Novel Workshop for parents and kids at the Main Library – Jan 15th at 3pm

Posted by Josh Jubinsky on January 4, 2011

Graphic novels and zines go together like chocolate and marshmallows, not all the time, but when they do – it’s awesome.  Especially when it’s involves kids, and the opportunity to get some guidance for you child creating his or her own graphic novel.

On January 15th you and your child have the opportunity to learn why reading graphic novels are “really” reading!

Katie Monnin, one of the most enthusiastic speakers I’ve ever heard (seriously!!), is coming to the Main Library.  She’s published two successful books about the literary merits of graphic novels, how to use them in the classroom, and why they rock!   As a parent, you get to come learn the who-what-when-why of you and your children reading graphic novels together, and your kids get to come and participate in a graphic novel creation activity.

Parents, sign up today for by calling the Main Library’s Children’s Department at 630-2417.


2 Responses to “Graphic Novel Workshop for parents and kids at the Main Library – Jan 15th at 3pm”

  1. […] more details about the class in our original post here.  The class is Saturday, January 15 from 3-4pm, and you must register to […]

  2. Graphic novel on Hitler’s rise to power

    Hi Graphic Novel Fans, The Zine Collection,

    It has taken me 7 years to complete, but my 312-page graphic novel The Listener will be published in April by Arbeiter Ring (distribution by AK Press).

    In a true story, The Listener reveals a tragic act of spin doctoring that changed the course of history. Complacency, art and murder collide in Hitler’s terrible rise to power in 1933, and in the artist Louise Shearing’s search for meaning in the art of Europe after the fictional modern death of a political activist.

    David Lester

    LINK to The Listener (sample pages, film, author bio & photo):

    The Listener by David Lester
    Arbeiter Ring Publishing
    Graphic Novel / Historical Fiction / Art & Politics
    Distribution by AK Press (USA), Literary Press Group (Canada), Global Book Marketing (UK)
    ISBN: 9781894037488

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