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December Zine Release

Posted by Matthew Moyer on December 22, 2010

Ho! Ho! Ho! The Jacksonville Public Library must have been very good this year, because a whole bunch of new zines just arrived, festively wrapped in old issues of Sassy and Rolling Stone. If you need a break from the holidays, or want to curl up with a good read under a warm blanket, a handful of zines are the perfect solution. Enjoy!

The Amish ElfJudas Goat Quarterly #45
Atlas Of Childhood. Vol. 1: A Zine About Children’s Books
The Beach Boys
Burn Brandon. Vol. 14
The Bushwick Review. Vol. 1
Caboose. Vol. 3: The Modular Karaoke Issue
The Constant Rider. Vol. 7: Stories From The Public Transportation Front
Crap Hound. Vol. 4: Clowns, Devils, and Bait
D90. Vol. 3: A Mix-Tape Zine
The Drama: The Alphabet Issue
Duplex Planet. Vol. 178
The East Village Inky. Vol. 43
Funwater Awesome. Vol. 3
Genuine Rocket Pack
George Washington In His Last Illness: The Complete Shakespeare Q. HemingwayLong Walk Back to Myself
Go Metric. Vol. 22
I Dreamed I Was Assertive. Vol. 12
Judas Goat Quarterly. Vol. 45: Everyone Must Be Counted!
Ker-Bloom! Vol. 83: Rhinovirus Challenge
Kiss Machine. Vol. 8
Kitty Snacks. Vol. 1: A Literary Magazine
The Long Walk Back to Myself
Lower East Side librarian : Winter Solstice Shout Out 2009
Maximum Rock N Roll. Vol. 180
My Brain Hurts Collection. Vol. 1
Papercutter. Vol. 6
Peops. Vol. 5
Phase 7. Vol. 5: Basewood Chapter 1My Brain Hurts Vol. 1
Phase 7. Vol. 6: Basewood Chapter 2
Razorcake. Vol. 4
Reality Mom. Vol. 5.2
Sidewalk. Vol. 4: New Orleans, March 2006
Syndicate Product. Vol. 15: Coming Clean!
The Tragic Genius of Dan Gleason
Travelin’ Man. Vol. 3
The Wormwood press. Vol. 2
Ya Want Freedom Fries with that?: Shappy’s All-American Rants
You Don’t Get There From Here. Vol. 14
You Who Hear Tell The Others: An Anti-Civ Travel Story


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