The Zine Collection

…at Jacksonville’s Main Library

Somnambulist # 15 by Martha Grover

Posted by Jessica Whittington on September 30, 2010

Martha Grover lives in one of those families where you either can relate to her or you can’t at all and you’re not particularly upset about it. Weekly family meetings? Yes, those dreaded moments sitting in the living room for an extended amount of time, counting down the minutes to when you can get up and go sit in your room and blast your music once again. Martha’s zine, thank goodness, lets us do that without actually having to hear mom nag you for not taking the trash out for the fifth time. She keeps minutes of her family meetings in October 2009, the entire year, and it’s awesome. Her parents seem pretty cool about the whole thing in the end, though I’m sure some embarrassment has come out of this zine being published. It’s a real riot reading about them coming in late to the meetings after nights of partying and getting onto each other for not picking up their towels off the bathroom floor. Oh, and another thing that is cool about her zine is that you can put in your own ad in the back for twenty-five bucks. Check it out!


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