The Zine Collection

…at Jacksonville’s Main Library

New Zines For September

Posted by Matthew Moyer on September 1, 2010

Here is a list of new items that can be checked out at tonight’s ArtWalk event. We will be set up in front of the Main Library on Laura Street across from Hemming Plaza.

Angry Violist. Vol. 1
Beyond the Porch.
Boing Boing. Vol. 13: Media Culture Brainwash for Now People (Yes, these are the print roots of
The Billy Nayer Show. Vol. 1
Brainscan. Vol. 20 : Painting This Town With Memories.
Brainscan. Vol. 23
Caboose. Vol. 4 : The Ridiculous Issue.
Cambodian Grrrl: Self-Publishing in Phnom Penh.
Cometbus. Vol. 34
Dawn of the Fats.
The Deformitory.
Feedback. Vol. 6
Flipside. Vol. 88
A Given Fancy Book is on Fire.
Jetplane. Vol. 2
Ker-bloom! Vol. 82
Married to the Sea Presents: Mark of Cani – A Story About Ink.
Memoirs of a Queer Hapa. Vol. 2
Milkyboots. Vol. 9
Motorbooty. Vol. 9
Never Any Time For Sleep…
No Better Than Apples. Vol. 6 : Piecemeal
Node Pajomo
The Obscure Animal Compendium. Vol. 3
Opulence! Crap
Playing Stickball on Company Time
Pocket Book. Vol. 3
Rational Inquirer. Vol. 2
Rational Inquirer. Vol. 6
Rational Inquirer. Vol. 7
Razorcake. Vol. 56
The Reckless Joy of Wattage Unused.
Savage Forest.
SIP. Vol. 3
Sobstory. Vol. 7
The Spanish Civil War.
Stoked on Spokes: A Community Cycling Resource Guide
Stop Smiling. Vol. 2
Swift Winds.
Tail Spins. Vol. 30
Tail Spins. Vol. 33
These United States of Annerica.
Under the Volcano. Vol. 47
We’ll Never Have Paris. Vol. 5 : Home
Xtra Tuf. Vol. 5 : The Strike Issue
You Don’t Get There From Here. Vol. 13


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