The Zine Collection

…at Jacksonville’s Main Library

Murder Can Be Fun. Vol. 13

Posted by Matthew Moyer on August 18, 2010

“Death At Disneyland,” screams the cover, accompanied by an olde-timey illustration of a group of gentlemen and gentlewomen careening sideways down a roller-coaster to an uncertain fate! (A top hat flies off into the abyss, even!) There’s no way this one won’t be a winner.

San Francisco resident John Marr started Murder Can Be Fun back in 1986, using it as a print outlet for his painstaking research into all manner of strange historical deaths and disasters (from Karen Carpenter’s anorexia to zoo deaths), and his omnivorous consumption of true crime books, all written up in a bleakly sarcastic and yet informative tone.

In this issue, Marr debunks the longstanding myth that no one ever dies at Disney, tells the tale of train-wrecker Sylvestre Matuschka, and that dark day in 1960 when an airplane plowed into a streetcar(!), pens a biography of mystery writer Harry Keeler, and a score of other morbid goodness. Forget the guy who always pulls up Youtube videos of people getting kicked in the crotch, this issue alone has enough anecdotes to make you a hit at your next party.

This particular issue is LONG out of print, but was donated by a kind zine connoisseur. Enjoy it!


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