The Zine Collection

…at Jacksonville’s Main Library

New Zines For July/August

Posted by Matthew Moyer on August 9, 2010

Stop the Presses!  Here are some freshly minted zines available for your reading pleasure. More to follow in the next couple of weeks:

Abort! Vol. 22 : more tales from the land where every day is prom night
Abort! Vol. 23 : Summer 2010
Beer Frame. Vol. 6 : the journal of inconspicuous consumption
The Cheese Stands Alone. Vol. 1
Dig It! Vol. 18
Dropping Out (for students). Vol. 1
Figure 8. Vol. 2
Flipside. Vol. 120
Grindhouse Journal. Vol. 10
Hawaii (1778-1959) : from western discovery to statehood
Hermenaut. Vol. 14
iii zine. Vol. 2
Jock Itch. Vol. 3
Murder Can Be Fun : 1993 datebook
Murder Can Be Fun. Vol. 6 : along came (Typhoid) Mary
Murder Can Be Fun. Vol. 12 : the art of murder
Murder Can Be Fun. Vol. 13 : death at Disneyland
Not Sorry. Vol. 2
One Way Ticket. Vol. 2
Pajomo. Vol. 1
Pajomo. Vol. 2
Passive Lobotomy Press. Vol. 5
Popnausea. Vol. 3
Punk Planet. Vol. 32
Shrike. Vol. 2
Spying Upon Lunatics : an Investigations compilation
Tail Spins Magazine. Vol. 4.19
Ten Foot Rule : proliferation
Twentybus. Vol. 10


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