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All The Days Are Numbered So

Posted by Josh Jubinsky on June 19, 2010

All The Days Are Numbered So
Zine w/ CD

Somewhere, amidst the median of grasping at straws to ‘being the change you want to see in the world’ and the full blown attempts (with generally tepid results) of recreating the glory days of your past, we find the zine “All the Days Are Numbered So.” It’s right in the middle of these ideas. But luckily for us, hovering just off the ground. So as to be heightened over the mediocrity of the casual boring punk over 30, who now instead of writing about something interesting w/ coffee and smoke, is now just writing about coffee and smoke. Wisdom, at times, creates a bored perdition of artists. And bored and soul less still are it’s fans and those perpetually aging and urging provocateurs.

Thankfully, twice now you’re struck on luck dear reader. For “All the Days Are Numbered So” is contains none of this boring purgatory. No unheroically aging punks. No dim torches being fueled by old record collections.

The enthusiasm is real. The idea of punk in this zine will and has changed lives. The sum of this community is far greater than it’s parts. Everything included here is compiled by Nate Powell, and the work is aptly released on his Harlan Records label. The highlights of the first half of the printed zine include contributions from Al Burian, Travis Fristoe, Erin Tobey, and Meredith Gaydosh. This includes essays and comics. The second half of the zine is pages the bands made with lyrics and collages. Highlights from the CD include tracks from Fiya, Soophie Nun Squad, Erin Tobey, Tiny Hawks, Reactionary Three, Sinaloa, Cassette, Matty Pop Chart, and of course, my favorite, Abe Froman.  Having booked shows and even released records for some of these bands on my own, it’s nice to know that most of the people know each other.  The community represented here has a good small town feel. The music is varied, and yet everyone knows nearly everyone. It’s comforting that with this zine and CD, you get to know them yourself.


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