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The Rise and Fall of the Harbor Area v.14

Posted by Matthew Moyer on May 20, 2010

The balance between national and local interests/arts/music is what sets the best zines apart from mainstream publications of a similar stripe.  You get a stronger sense of place and space than you would in a national pub like Rolling Stone (which ironically started out very much like this zine, inextricably linked to its Bay Area environs). ANYWAY, what I’m trying to say is that The Rise and Fall of the Harbor Area walks this very line perfectly, tied symbiotically with its hometown of San Pedro (birthplace of the legendary Minutemen), devoting the same passion poured into an oral history of  the San Pedro Skatepark to an interview with New York’s Japanther.

The Rise and Fall of the Harbor Area is an an attractively designed quarter-size publication devoted to the usual concerns of raucous punk music, DIY art, and skateboarding, but executed with an enthusiasm and poise a cut above many punkoid peers. For instance, Rise and Fall reprints forgotten Charles Bukowski poetry in every volume, and this particular issue uses illustrations and drawings instead of the usual boring band promo imagery (only Galactic Zoo Dossier does this regularly). And not only do you get excellent interviews with the aforementioned Japanther, Aaron Cometbus of Pinhead Gunpowder, and Street Eaters, but you also get a nifty article on great diners in San Pedro. With very little in the way of bad attitude, to boot. Worthy.


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