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King-Cat #70

Posted by Andrew Coulon on May 9, 2010

King-Cat Comics celebrated two major milestones in the last year: twenty years in print and 70 issues.  Our congratulations go out to author and artist John Porcellino.  As you might remember, I am a big fan of John’s work so when he visited Gainesville back in March, I was glad to have a chance to meet him.  I showed John several of JPL’s cataloged issues of King-Cat Comics and he was so impressed, he donated issue 70, our current Zine of the Week.  Thanks John!  So without further ado, I offer this month’s Zine of the Week for your reading pleasure.

King-Cat Comics is all about the little things in life, the moments that slip by and would be forgotten without a keen observer like John Porcellino to document them.  He manages to stay present in the moment long enough to find the polished stone and make a comic out of it, resulting in an autobiography of moments, one long string of personal observations that somehow add up to life in modern times.  In issue 70, John goes to the dentist, fills a prescription, mails a letter and embarks on several other thrilling adventures, each with their own eureka moment.  And if that isn’t enough, Diogenes washes vegetables in the stream.  It’s all there in one zine, everything you need for a relaxing, enlightening afternoon.  Check it out today.

If you would like to read more about John Porcellino, check out our recent interview with him.


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