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…at Jacksonville’s Main Library

FLA 2010 Presentation

Posted by Andrew Coulon on April 11, 2010

FLA 2010 Thinking Outside the Book

We had the pleasure of presenting at the Florida Library Association’s Annual Conference this last weekend and we were smashing if I do say so myself.  We presented about how to start a zine collection and about all the programs and outreach we have done.  Hopefully some other libraries in Florida will start zine collections.   Here is a link to our presentation.

Stay tuned for more info as it develops.


3 Responses to “FLA 2010 Presentation”

  1. […] a link to the presentation. Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a Comment […]

  2. I wanted to let you know that not knowing anything about ‘zines’, I attended your Friday program at FLA in April and was very impressed with your positive attitude and proper business plan. I know a lot of businesses that have failed because of the lack of their plans, but was very pleased to see young people, like yourselves have a passion enough to do it right. And it showed!

    I’ve worked at Pasco County Library System for almost nineteen years and seen a lot of great ideas come to pass, like our teen program Rockus Maximus, but was very glad to see, even in our dwindling economy, that you are just as passionate about yours.

    Stevie Miller
    Pasco County Library System

    • Jessica said

      Thank you for the positive feedback! It was so much fun doing the presentation after we got over our nerves. Very glad that we could let people know that there are still a lot of passionate people in the library systems around the world, trying to make a difference.

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