The Zine Collection

…at Jacksonville’s Main Library

Much Ado About Zines Recap

Posted by Josh Jubinsky on March 8, 2010

The Zine Collection events for Much Ado About Books were a huge success.  The panel discussion, though a bit early for some of the punx, had a great turnout.  Max Michaels,  Ian Koss,  Tom Pennington and Joe Lachut carried on a lively and engaging discussion.  

Joe Lachut from Forts Myers brought up some people with him, including John Fahy, who writes for Maximum Rock n Roll and his own zine “Your Day Will Come”.  Since Shelton Hull was absent, Fahy did a last-minute reading from his newest article in MRR.  It was an amazing piece detailing his band Merkit touring Europe.  Duncan Barlow had a more subdued and thoughtful, though no less awesome, reading.  And Patrick Hughes followed with a comedic outpour of energy. Alan Justiss powerfully read some of his poems with a brilliance of wisdom and experience as his pedestal.  

Thanks again to everyone who came to the event.

Check out pictures from the event I took here and pictures from Jenny and Tom of Reax Magazine here. We have video of the entire event. Once it’s edited down a bit, we’ll post that in installments as well.


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