The Zine Collection

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Food Geek v. 5

Posted by Matthew Moyer on January 28, 2010

Food and zines! Can it get any better? Carrie McNinch’s Food Geek is just ridiculously charming and useful. I was initially drawn in by the cover, a dead ringer for vintage Kellog’s Cereals ad art, but we all know that content is king, and Food Geek doesn’t disappoint in that respect. McNinch crams her minicomic-sized publication with an eclectic  array of food writing that would never make the pages of stuffy pubs like Food and Wine, usually more concerned about how to cater a dinner party  in the Hamptons. Their loss, because Food Geek is bursting at the seams with recipes, comics, essays and travel narratives that further the love of food. A noble calling, to be sure. Also key to this zine is the lack of judgment from either editors or contributors. While McNinch cops to being a vegetarian, she stresses that this is about food of all stripes and shapes, and the zine is all the stronger for it. Standout pieces include McNinch’s essay on her eating experiences while travelling in China, a Cheap Eats on the Road cartoon from Shawn Granton, and a recipe for Pakora. Even the letters section offers forth a clutch of recipes and tips. (And is that Shane Williams from Flipside contributing?) There’s a real joy (and a delicious aroma) wafting off every page. Dig in.


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