The Zine Collection

…at Jacksonville’s Main Library

Going Postal v.1

Posted by Andrew Coulon on January 17, 2010

For a zine, Going Postal v.1 is surprisingly dense and informative. I know how that sounds, and I’m really not trying to discount content levels in others zines but seriously; GP jumps from Kris Mininger’s personal remembrances of DIY godfather Irving Stettner to a brief history of zines from early table top presses through the Internet age of Big Brother and on to a second piece by Mininger about English anarchist, artist and bus driver Arthur Moyse… and that’s just the first half. GP even dips a toe into the academic realm with an excerpt from Steve Bailey’s and Anita Michel’s published paper on perzines and personal identity. Heck, much of GP’s content includes full citations for the discerning reading. But don’t think the editors of Going Postal are just a bunch of stamp collecting eggheads. They want you to share their love of print zines and mail and they don’t seem too concerned that their entire premise for GP may be judged as anachronistic. So if you’ve got some spare time and you have been ruminating whether or not to actually produce that zine you have been thinking about (come on, we know you have ideas…), check out Going Postal for a good kick in the pants.


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