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New Zines for January 2010

Posted by Andrew Coulon on January 9, 2010

Here is a list of the new zines we have cataloged for January.  Keep sending in any donations you have and we will keep cataloging them for th general public’s reading pleasure.  We have a special event comig up on January 30th so check in for details on that as they develop.  Also we be at Warehouse 8B this Saturday to promote the collection.  Come out to hear The Body, Nuclear 2 and Civilization and pick up a library card application while you’re at it.

Alley-Oop! Summer 2005
Broken Hipster: the Epilogue
Cracks in the Concrete v.9
Cracks in the Concrete v.10
Elephant Mess v.17
Feedback v.3
Going Postal v.1
The Hum v.3 / Alley-Oop v.10
Late Era Clash v.20
Let It Be Know v.3
Next Stop Adventure v.3
Off-Line v.40
Razorcake v.13
Razorcake v.31
Razorcake v.47
Razorcake v.48
Razorcake v.50
Razorcake v.51
Razorcake v.52
Razorcake v.53
A Rough Guide to Bicycle Maintenance
The Sixth Minkey’s Guide to Herbs
The Sixth Minkey’s Guide to Random Movies!!
The Sixth Minkey’s Guide to Vampires!!
The Sixth Minkey’s Guide to Zombies
Stick Shift
Strike the Inertia
The Urban Hermit v.22
Valet of the Dolls


One Response to “New Zines for January 2010”

  1. A friend of mine was busy in the zine scene back in the mid to late 80s here is a group she started on face book.

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