The Zine Collection

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King-Cat No. 68

Posted by Andrew Coulon on November 24, 2009

King-Cat Comics and Stories No. 68
by John Porcellino

In these hard economic times, anything that can bring a simple smile to my face without a price tag is very much appreciated. With that in mind, I have been smiling all week whenever I think about John Porcellino’s King-Cat comics. Like traditional Japanese haiku, Porcellino’s Zen influenced comics are firmly rooted in nature and the peace he sometimes feels when present in the moment. Likewise, his ultra-simple line drawings and understated narrative only begin to tell the story. Along the way, the reader is reminded of his or her own experiences and invited to observe life in a more mindful way, bringing the story into the real world. But hey, this is Zine of the Week so I better pick just one. Issue 68 contains several comic strips about moving, observing nature and a very brief biography of Greek philosopher Diogenes. Also be sure to read the Nature Notes and the Top 40 section. Luckily, the Zine Collection has a few other issues so the joy doesn’t have to end… at least not right away.


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  1. […] issues.  Our congratulations go out to author and artist John Porcellino.  As you might remember, I am a big fan of John’s work so when he visited Gainesville back in March, I was glad to have a chance to meet […]

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