The Zine Collection

…at Jacksonville’s Main Library

Up and Running

Posted by Josh Jubinsky on October 8, 2009

first zine patron

Bruce, an aspiring young zinester.

Last nights event was fantastic! Over 200 people came in to listen to Tuffy and check out the zine collection.    Thank you to everyone who came to the opening.

If you missed the big event last night, please be sure to stop by soon.  A good deal of zines have been checked out, but we promise to help you find something great to take home with you!  If not, you can also put items on hold through the library website.

Visit  And search for “zines.”  After logging in with your library card number and password you can put items on hold and have them sent to whichever library you frequent.  Although coming down to the Main Library and seeing the collection in person is well worth the trip!

We’ll be linking up local blog coverage of the event soon.  Until then, here are some more photos from the evening. Thanks again for everyone hat came out, and of course Tuffy who played an amazing set.


Straightening the shelves before the opening.

Enjoying the band...

Enjoying the band...

Tuffy performing.

Tuffy performing.


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