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…at Jacksonville’s Main Library

Grand Opening and Collection Developments

Posted by Josh Jubinsky on September 21, 2009

The Event.

So this is it – and we’re very excited.  Over 150 zines are added and ready for the opening, with more added daily.  So by the time this happens, who knows how many we’ll have ready.   This event is in the Main Library’s Popular department.  Tuffy plays music, you get to watch them and browse the zines.  Pick out some you already love or something new to you, and check it on your library card.

Collection Developments.

I just got back from a few out of town shows with my band.  While away, I was able to pick up some more zines for the collection.   Shopping for your local library while on tour? What a sense of purpose!  Thank you Wayward Council in Gainesville for having a great selection to choose from, and whomever put out the ‘free zines’ box at the Tampa show.

mrr313Also, thank you very much to Maximum Rock n Roll.  They are donating to us nearly every back issue they have.   Have a look at the Maximum Rock n Roll website’s listing of available back issues here and start planning which one’s you’ll read first – The issue with MDC or Vitamin X tour diary?  Interviews with Florida’s Cult Ritual or Fiya? Interviews with Los Crudos or Soophie Nun Squad?  Information about Romanian D-beat or a Mexico punk scene report?

In the next week I’ll be posting a few more words on some of my more favorite titles.


2 Responses to “Grand Opening and Collection Developments”

  1. is this a permanent archive? if so, i’ve got a collection of zines and other subculture ephemera i’d love to contribute! should this be at all of interest, please respond with contact information! thanks!

    • Josh Jubinsky said

      It’s a circulating collection! The mailing address for donations is listed above on the “make a donation” page. Thanks so much!

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